Saturday, July 21, 2018

Animal Crackers - It's gunna get loud around here...

Howdy -

The time is coming real close, actually past time for Domino. Yep... it is weaning time next week. Domino should have been weaned first part of this week. But since all three boys will be staying in the pen they are in now and we will be removing the Moms we decided to do them all at once. So later next week the Mom's will go back into the Ladies pen and the boys will have to grow up a bit.

So I went into their pen to have some lovin' time and let them know they better enjoy this weekend of milk and moms cuz it is coming to an end.

Now Abigail was talking non stop... Was it "Hurry let's go ahead and do this!" Or was it "Don't you take my boys!" Not sure... But I am sure I will hear about it lots next week.

Domino and Waylan were just seriously into head butting me and being obnoxiously friendly. I think I may have a couple more of those blue polka dots on my leg now... Their little horns are really getting big and pointed!

They are SOOO Hard to get photos of they are always moving, trying to climb on me and pushing and shoving me! Here Domino was trying to get to the lens of my camera... he must like close ups!

And then suddenly I just about lost my camera... He discovered the strap... whew I caught it in time!

Waylan is just as funny, but just  a bit more calm... a tiny tiny tiny bit more calm than Domino.

It has been decided that Waylan is going to be the future Buck for us... I am glad I got Hubby on board. He kept going back and forth. But I knew Waylan and I would get him to agree. We haven't told Domino or Willie that they will be visiting the vet and ahem... yeah we haven't told them.

But Waylan is a happy boy... Love that little grin he has! 

Willie is just as cute, but much much more reserved and standoffish. Just like his Mom.

Still a handsome boy though...

Came out of the goat pen to find Chica laying out in the long grass in the sun. Now it was just about 100 degrees... she isn't super smart. Good thing she is so cute!

 Libbie on the other hand was relaxed and comfortable laying in the shade of the tree.

 Yep she is one smart cookie! oops.. don't say cookie... too late  now we have to pass them out to all three dogs. Once the word is said it is a must you know.

Hope you got a smile this week. I can't believe my babies are already so big and ready to leave their Moms! They grow up so fast!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Aw, poor Domino and Willie! Hopefully they will understand :-) Curious if that will affect their disposition like it sometimes does with dogs, to make them calmer or more docile? That pic of Domino was just too funny!!! Waylan's close up was adorable as well... he is a total cutie. I can see why you picked him for the buck between his good looks and personality. Haven't heard about the lady donkeys in a bit... are you still expecting babies and if so, what is the time frame?

Carol Dee said...

Always fun to watch them grow from week to week. My goodness I could never have decided which boy gets to have all the fun ;) I echo Karen. Any Donkey babies coming soon?