Saturday, January 15, 2022

Animal Crackers - Close up Attention

Howdy -

A visit with the guys in the front pen yesterday morning. Miguel and Diego were wanting close up attention. That or trying to figure out why the heck I was there without mint! 

Seriously not smart on my part! LOL They made do lots of ear scratches and hugs! 
Hubby sent me this photo the other morning... a check in on the wide loads from the girls in with Raffie. 

Oh please let those wide bellies be babies and not just winter flab! They are pretty though all fluffy. 

While I was out yesterday I was trying to get photographs this is what I found... all lined up and keeping a close watch on Dad. 

No attention for me until they know exactly where and what Dad is doing. You have to be ready for the trot to the hay barn just in case that is where he is going. Uh sorry gals... he isn't heading out to feed you just now. LOL 

Once they figured that out then they were all good to show me some love. One by one they broke off and made their way towards me.

Fancy Pants was all sweet and loving. Look at all that gray hair coming in. Old age girl... hitting us both I know. She will always be beautiful to me. Even if her reddish brown hair has lots of gray in it.  

Oops lost Irene's attention. I think her belly is rumbling and she just can't give up hope for hay from Dad.

We have been so blessed with green grass so late in the year. But this last freeze zapped it all. So they are all depending on hay from Dad each morning. Patience girl... it is coming. 
Scarlet "Red" was being calm. Maybe it is the cold weather? Not like her to not push and be obnoxious. I took advantage and snapped a normal pose photo instead of a close up nose shot. Then I loved all over her. 

Hard to believe she is one of the old ladies now! She was one cute baby back in 2011 wasn't she?

Still beautiful.. just all grown up! 

To end today I just had to share this one! Mercedes new "trick" - he hates for you to "leave" the house.

I worry he, or his sisters, is going to get out and we can't catch them quickly. They are all indoors and do not know the dangers outside to them. But honestly most of this here is just trying to get you back inside. You really don't get the humor in this photo unless you know that this him... hanging from the window in the back door.  He jumps up and literally hangs from those needle claws watching to make sure you are coming back in to play with him.. feed him... or just cuddle him, just be there in case... Attention ... that is the main goal. So adorable. 

Love to blame Hubby for the four kittens in the house - remind him he is the nut job that brought in and wanted to keep them all. Totally insane! Don't tell him though... I love each one of them. They are so sweet, loving and too much entertainment and way too many laughs... lots and lots of laughs! 

Hope you got at least a giggle this week. 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Kittens are the best entertainment. Hey, fur babies, I understand. When it is time to eat, it is time to eat! Hurry up Dad!

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers said...

All of your animals are so adorable!