Saturday, January 1, 2022

Animal Crackers - Happy New Year!

Howdy - 

Goodbye 2021~ and Welcome Happy New Year 2022!! Every year I do a year in review on this weekend. Show off again a few of my favorite photographs of the past year. 

Well narrowing down photographs is seriously hard! But I can't re-blog ALL of them.. so I just picked a few that made me smile the most. 

First up I suppose would have to be the day we found the kittens on the back porch.

I still can hear myself saying "Oh my they are so adorable...NO we aren't keeping them" Now I sit here shaking my head .. right like that was even taking seriously at all! Life is very different in our house! Oh we have lots of laughs and love them to pieces but oh my ... yes you can imagine - four new kittens in our house! LOL 

Yes they have total control -

Total control! I love this photo of Ferrari! But my ultimate favorite kitten photo has to be this - 

Yep cracks me up! Hubby wasn't thrilled I shared it the first time.. he will love me sharing it again! But hey it made the top photos of the year!

I take lots of photos of the doggies. And many of them could be in the top photos. I adore this one of Libbie though. Shows her royalty - her beauty and even her personality. Love this lady.

This photo of Macie was one that just warmed my heart. Again I think it because it shows personality and her beauty.

Its the eyes - her big brown eyes and long eyelashes. Then there are those donkeys that move their eyes and can express themselves so much with just the smallest look. Like Patti -

That girl can give a side glance that just cracks me up. She is such a pretty girl. And a funny girl too! 

Speaking of funny and pretty - this photo of Penelope was a big oops and almost deleted. But when I downloaded and blew it up I fell in love with it.

Is it the artistic feel of it - or just that close up look from my youngest little girl goat? Love this photo almost as much as I love her! 

One Saturday I had some fun with an app on my phone. So much fun turning normal photographs to "works of art" - now looking back at them this one means so so much more.

I miss Miss Gato every day - we may have the kittens now but this sweet soul was my baby - I feed her with an eye dropper when she was tiny and she was such a huge part of my days and nights.... oh my she loved to head butt and rub for attention in the middle of night.  She was beautiful and very loved. We were so blessed to have her in our lives. 

And had to end with a sweet and silly face - 

 Juliet, Sweet and Silly is the perfect description of this girl. She loves to pose for me and I have many photographs of this girl. Many are the same sort of pose as this - her resting over the fence for attention. 

We are really more than blessed with all of our fur babies - I enjoy so much sharing them with you each Saturday. I hope you enjoyed them the past year - and do hope you will continue to join us each Saturday in 2022! 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Happy New Year! Yes, I will stop and visit each Saturday again in 2022. LoL, I do love the photo of Daddy and Porsch. Give each and every one of the fur babies some extra love from me. See you next week. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to everyone.
I have loved looking at your photos over the years. Each one is beautiful in its own way but I have to say the one of Libbie is extra special. She is just gorgeous.
Thanks again and I look forward to all the new photos in the new year.