Saturday, January 29, 2022

Animal Crackers - Personality

Howdy - 

Every furry kid here has their own personality. From Shy to Obnoxious - We've got them all here. But each one is loved totally. I try each week to capture that personality to share with you all. Some come through no problems others I really have to work to get a decent photo. This first picture has become a favorite and totally shows this girls inquisitive yet funny personality. Ferrari is always watching and taking in things. This photo is one that came from Hubby one evening while he was sitting with his little lap friend.

Hubby always tells me that he can't take decent photographs for me. But now he has credit to two of my top favorites.  

I decided to head out yesterday and get some fresh air and see my fur babies - capture some of those personalities. Two of the hardest to get a good photograph of yet always shows off their personality.. Jorge and Sergio. I very rarely get a nice formal pretty posed photo of these two guys. It is always a close up in your face show me all attention photo - 

Jorge first - I stood there for 10 minutes trying to get him to chill and let me take a nice posed photo. Nope it was shoving his head at me ... or turning around and pushing on me with his rear end for those much loved rear end scratches. I did not want the back end for a photo so I guess this is as good as it gets for him this week. 

And then Sergio - my sweet little bottle boy. He is a little too pushy with his wanting attention. I have to warn people with Sergio. He demands full attention and has been known to nip at you or pull on clothes if you don't!  
From pushy in your face we go to shy and stand offish. These three goats are a little more cautious. The black goat Mallory, we've barely touched her. She has never been friendly or "sweet" to us. Always in the back and watching and taking in things. Abigail laying in the back is the same, all though we have been able to pet on her from time to time. Then Penelope in the front... Abigail's full grown "baby" she is always right there with her Momma .. now this girl really wants attention and petting. So it is a pull between doing what she wants and what her Mom does and demands her to do.

Now when it is quiet and still outside and no other goats are gathered... I have been able to love all over Penelope. She loves it and you can see it in her face how much. But as soon as Mom, Abigail sees what is going on .. a snort and Penelope gives me that look... "Sorry I've gotta go.. Mom said so"  LOL As long as we get our moments I'm ok sharing her... she is so worth it. 

Chipmunk - this guy loves attention, but he is not usually the one up front and demanding it. His twin brother Alvin Jr.  - this guy is the Alpha Goat in their relationship. But when I move slow and stealth like I can get up to the fence and give Chipmunk his head scratches that he loves so much.

Of course then I have to boil my fingers to remove the smell, but Chipmunk loves it so I can wash right? He is such a handsome man - 

Last photo today is to show you ... despite wanting the loving and head scratches. The thing that always comes first and foremost in everyone - FOOD Ha!

OH yes they all want to come to me but in this moment, a chilly rainy morning, that new hay bale was much more attractive to them. But Miguel was seriously thinking about it. Then he turned and went back to that bale. I understand Miguel - a plate of Mexican Food does the same for me - nothing comes before that. 

Hope you enjoyed this week - smiles for everyone! 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Love the photos and narrative! Ferrari looks full of energy even sitting on a lap. I 100% agree. Food 1st.. LOL Happy Saturay to all.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know how you manage to ever get any work done.
Whether they are ignoring you or running up to you they are all gorgeous.
Of course food comes first. We can see Mum any time.
Thanks for the photos.