Saturday, October 22, 2022

Animal Crackers - Cooler morning make nice naps!

Howdy - 

A very rare moment in time - Louise is quiet! She was napping in the cooler morning. It is has been so wonderful with the cooler weather. And she was taking advantage of the temps in the sun. Do you think Hubby would find me if I joined her?

My sweet little Penelope. Oh I love how adorable she is and how she will look towards her Mom to see if she is paying attention so she can come to me for head scratches. 

 You always have to have Mom's approval right? Well it is better to sneak off and do it when she isn't watching. :0)

Oh Look Jolene is coming to see us! She is such a beautiful lady - Love her slim face.

I always grin when I think about her being skinny... When we first got her, she was 8-9 months old. She was so little and thin that we brought her home and would find her wandering around out of the pen. Took us a few days to figure out that she was so thin she was just walking out between the gate and post. So cute, but we fixed it right away so she couldn't do it anymore! Ha! 
And always right behind her, her stunning daughter Josie!

All grown up now she really is so gorgeous! And obnoxiously friendly. Love this girl. 
Speaking of obnoxiously friendly - Big Miss Juliet. When her head is down like that and moving towards you ... look out. She is seriously coming at you and will "bump" into you. LOL bump! 
I then looked over to see what other girls I could snap photos of... UH hello? Dad is not out here yet to feed, calm down, no pushing! You would think they were starving! And with those bellies they may have been hungry but not starving. ha.

Thought I would show off something I found buried in the back of the cabinet we cleaned out to move. I decided to hang it in my kitchen. Flash back to childhood memories. 

This hung in my Grandma's kitchen. My Mom made it and gave it to her. A great memory - my Mom and I use to go to this place when I was little. It was an amazing place where you walked shelves and shelves of blank plaster items, then you could paint or decorate them. This was back in the day where craft stores were really not a thing. So as a little girl who loved crafting this was a glorious place, and Mom and I had great bonding time choosing our items and then sitting at this big table painted them. It was really special when we had things that we painted and they "re-fired" them and the colors would come out so brilliant! Great memory. And now I can see it daily and thing of that and my Grandma's kitchen!

Do you have something that just a glance brings back a great childhood memory? Love that!
Hope you have an Animal Crackers Smile again - 
HUGS and -

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Ginger Shaw said...

All your babies look beautiful and so glad the weather is a bit cooler for them.
It’s great to know they all love you or is it just the food? I’m sure it’s not.
We are having terrible storms and floods here in our part of Australia.
Haven’t been able to walk outside for 3 days so Molly is not happy.
Thanks for the photos.