Saturday, October 8, 2022

Animal Crackers - Peace

Howdy - 

Things are quiet and peaceful at the moment here. The Ladies have been put back into the large pasture with all the girls. All happy and peaceful. I am still hoping that maybe one of the three are pregnant and maybe a fall baby is coming. But as of right now no signs. It is clear that Pepita is the "trouble" and I guess she will not be going in any time soon for breeding. Now the good news is that Pepita and Vicki are back together.


Now Lacey and Vicki were born days apart and we purchased them together as they were life long besties.  But Vicki and Pepita are BFFs and for a few years they have been side by side 24/7. They are very happy to be back together again. 

No worries though they are letting Lacey hang with them and now it is a happy trio. 

Lacey is my real hope for a baby this year. How can I say this nicely... She is so fat!  Now honestly that could be from months of being in the smaller pen with the private feeding for the "Momma's to be" but I really need that little bit of hope for the baby... But for now they are all back in the with girls and we will keep a close watch on them. Early spring we will put in new choices for breeding. Calmer less "Queen B" types ... 

And for now... Raffie is having his first calm breakfast with no women telling him when and where he can eat. It's all his! Back to his Bachelors Pad! 

Walking back towards the house all the goats were enjoying a cooler morning and breakfast. Sergio had loudly hee hawed out to the ladies and it gave Lucy a little startle... Yep that is a startled look for sure !

She is such a funny old girl. LOL 
OH and I captured a not so great photo of a very rare sighting! Shhh move slow, be very quiet... It is Scaredy Cat! One of the old outdoor kitties. I NEVER see this cat! Very cautious kitty! 

And then some loving from someone that is always present and is just a sweetheart, Miss Moxie! I had to do some calm talking to keep her sitting still so I could snap a photo of her, Moxie is one that is always on the move, and a very happy girl!

She had just finished her breakfast and special "cookies" treat I had brought out to her minutes before. She then joined me for my walk around the pens and say good morning to all her furry family - Love this girl! 

Then one last photo of Peace for you - Hubby and I took a rare day away last week. 

One day to drive down to the coast very very early so he could fish for a while. For some odd reason that is peace and relaxing to him. Me it looks like work. But he loves to fish. So I got out of bed in the middle of the night to ride with him and enjoy the day with him. 

So while he fished I sat and watched the sunrise, the waves and enjoyed the cool breeze. And after the sun came up I could see him in the distance fishing off the rocks. Was a nice day - As it got warmer, the truck and a Hallmark movie was nice too - and I could still see Hubby fishing too :0) Then a ride home and a late lunch to top off a perfect day - oh other than the fact the fish weren't biting. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend and have a little peace to enjoy! 

HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Good Morning. We are cold here. Made it to freezing point overnight. The beach sunrise photo is beautiful. Have a wonderful week.