Saturday, October 29, 2022

Animal Crackers - Pretty Ladies

Howdy - 

Pretty group of ladies here - these 4 are pretty good friends and usually are grouped together. Bella, Macie, Ellie Mae and Fancy Pants. So beautiful. 

Normally not too pushy and always let us give hugs and kisses on those noses. 

I finally got back to Ellie Mae, she was hanging back to wait her turn. Such a pretty girl with a voice that carries for miles! 


Vickie came up to me for loving, she is very happy to be back in with the other ladies, oh don't get me wrong she loves the special feed she was getting in the small pen, but she does miss her gals when not in with them. And despite her getting the best of food all to herself, there is always a worry that the other ladies are getting something better.

And then I was approached while walking back from the ladies pen. Valentine, one of the standards, was wondering if at all possible could I go in and make "Dad" come out and feed breakfast?

He is very persuasive and yes Valentine I will go and tell Dad to come out now. ha! 

Ferrari with her fabulous large eyes! She has this look that is just hysterical. Here I came up behind her and called her name to ask her if she was suppose to be lounging in the dog bed.  

I can hear her "Dog bed? What Dog bed?"


It is a good thing that Libbie or Chica don't freak out when the cats are borrowing their beds. Well actually Libbie doesn't even see that they are there... she just walks up to it and starts to climb in and that is enough to make the cat run for the hills. Libbie is for sure ALWAYS in charge, blind or not.

Oh one last photo, this is Moxie in what I like to call her "Seal" pose. :0)

She was one dirty Seal Doggie! I asked what she had been rolling in but then decided I really didn't want to know - sigh... 

Hope you have a smile again this week - Hope you have a blessed weekend 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Oops, I missed visiting last week. So, I made sure to be here today. Love seeing all the furry love bugs. Your weather looks lovely. Winter will be here too soon in IOWA. Have a sweet week,