Saturday, July 16, 2011

Animal Crackers - Bye Bye Sweetie Bye Bye

Yep... one of the puppies has been sold. Sweetie, or Puppy 2. Now she isn't physically gone yet, she still has two weeks or so before she is old enough to go. But I am already missing her! I adore both of the girls, really I do. But Chunk "a fondly used nickname", Chunk and I have a bond. :0)

I took some great photos of the girls yesterday, they had their first real outdoor playtime. It was too funny watching them in the grass. But first a few face shots while held by "Dad".

Sweetie first -
Gorgeous huh? And sold.. pout pout... I know I can't keep them all... my house shows that!

Precious now...
OH my... you think it is going to take long to find another person that wants her? She is the calmer of the two... LOVES to be held.

And then I had to show their big Sister, Chica.... she was having fun just watching them in the grass here... She is a stunning girl herself! But she is all ours... she isn't going anywhere :0)
Here is Precious after a few minutes outside... it was already hot and it wasn't even 9:30 in the morning... she wanted back in to the air conditioning!! She was hiding in the shade of a bucket here
 Her face looks so skinny here... LOL maybe it was all that panting!
But Sweetie was hiding at that same time in my shade...
Yep... she was hiding next to my foot in my shade - Man ... look at that tongue! They learned about the outside water bowl after these photos. You would think we had them out there for hours! It was about 20 minutes, again it was already in the mid 90's.

Got a great Goat photo... of Belle -
 Those eyes just kill me! The see your deepest thoughts! Really I think they do! LOL

Went for some donkey photos then. And already they were all in the shade. We love our huge Oak Tree... so do the donkeys -
 This tree gives off tons of shade for this pen, and they take full advantage of it!

 Jolene actually braved the sun to come for some lovin' She is so stunning when she sheds out. That shiny dark hair, and face. And yes... she is pretty pregnant here - We "think" a couple of months. But with Jolene, she can just deliver and surprise us with no warning signs.
 Then we went to the little girls pen. Here Gloria and Lina were wanting the first lovings -
 They are all just too sweet. I just adore each and every one of them! Selling any of them just kill me - but I keep telling my self they will spread the love and someone else will have the joy I do.

Hope you enjoyed Animal Crackers today - I got a few good shots this week. The heat just doesn't help with playful happy animals.... or photographers!! We all like it better when it is cooler.

HUGS and-


Dee in N.H. said...

Awwww, just look at those sweet faces! Love seeing your furry troupe!

Marilyn said...

Another great Saturday morning with my coffee and the Animal Crackers! The puppies are growing fast... I'm with you, it would be so hard to let them go, in fact, I'm not so sure I could do it!

Kittie said...

oh, my! I could never let them go. They are precious!


They are so gorgeous!!

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Michelle i think i just couldn,t let my dog have puppies i,d never be able to part with them.The puppies are adorable i,d be tempted to give them a home but live in the uk.
Have a fab weekend.
Trish (-:

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful pics, the puppies are adorable & thank goodness for the oak tree.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, Oh my would I love to hug these little babies; they are way too cute. I feel with you of letting this cutie go. You made some stunning pictures for this crackers. A big hug for all your furry friends. Have a good weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Everyone was so photogenic this week! :O) All babies are adorable. Espcially those, too! Hugs...

Redlady said...

Hi Micelle
I so look forward to seeing your babies evey week. You feel like family.
You must hate to see them go but they will be giving others their love so hang on to that.

Cynde said...

Michelle everyone is so darling. Thanks for photos in the heat. What a gorgeous big oak tree. I can see why everyone loves it. The puppies are so adorable. I always had the hardest time parting with my babies too. The good thing is most everyone kept in touch to let me know how they all are. Even 10 years out. I always get a Christmas card every year from a few that I don't see regularly. Makes it easier. How nice though that you love them so much they fill other homes with that same love and joy.
Thanks again for all the pictures, you really are like family keeping us all posted on everyone. I love it. Have a good week!