Saturday, July 2, 2011

Animal Crackers - Stunning!

Well - The babies are all growing fast - and we are having a ton of fun watching them bounce around.. the puppies are "walking" wobbly but walking, and the puppy pen has now been brought out. But first I wanted to show off our sheared stunning donkeys!

First up Pepita - Holy Cow! She is totally stunning! Shaved off all of her long tangled baby fur.. and this stunning black little girl appeared!  Gorgeous!
Felicia was up next in the girls pen - we thought she was going to be one of the easiest ones... but nope... she put up a bit of a struggle.....

Totally worth it! She had some really long hair, despite that her baby fur was cut last year. I think she is going to be like her Dad Black Jack, and grow out long every winter. REALLY Long!

The boys really look sharp too... 
Jorge... out littlest guy, really shows off how small he actually is now, and totally handsome I might say... Felipe is just as handsome, he put up a bit of a fight with us, I know he is happier now. Paco... he didn't get a hair cut - we didn't cut any of the spotted donkeys, with as hot as it is, way to scary that they would sunburn. But with them being Raffie's kids, they have that very short hair like him, so once we brush off the baby fur, they are cool! In more ways than one - 

Juliet is doing good - she was our standard girl that I showed you us getting sheared last week. She is doing great... much happier, she is also smart... with shorter hair, she stays in the shade more. She doesn't want to sunburn either!
..... She went in for a close up on her own.... love that Juliet!!

While out taking photos, we got 6 inches of rain!!! Ok... the drops fell 6 inches apart and lasted about 3 minutes! But that was all Paintbrush needed to run for cover!

This girl HATES to get wet! LOL She is getting really wide... Can't wait to see what her babies look like - her last litter was gorgeous!

Here is Daisy Duke - I have been really working hard on making sure she is sweet.... here she was enjoying some sweet milk... YOU GOT MILK?

Love those little milk lips! LOL


Here I caught Chica Puppy Sitting... Too Too Adorable!

Not a great photo, had to move quick and used my phone... but still adorable. She really loves the puppies, and she loves to help clean and love on them. If Libbie is on a Mommy break, Chica takes over... Too Too Adorable!

Dad takes a bit of a turn as well.

It amazes me how totally wonderful he is with the puppies. Totally patient and calm with them. They crawl all over him, across him, and under him.... and he just watches them and loves on them.

Such good Animals I have huh? Gotta Love them!

HUGS and -



What great photos!! I love seeing your babies (all of them are babies - lol). You're a lucky lady to have all these animals in your life. Alot of work but what a blessing.

Lucy said...

TFS I love looking at photos of your animals :)

Dee in N.H. said...

Great pictures! Everyone looks so happy!

Carol Dee said...

Amazing animals you have. Lots of Doggy Daddies have nothing to do with the little ones. I love Paintbrushe's goatee! I am sure everyonr feels better with the haircuts, baby it IS hot outside! Stay cool. Hugs to all...

Jo said...

Gorgeous photos as always Michelle, thanks for sharing. Hugs Jo x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, hope you're all having a great week so far. I'm only catching up with your blog now & I have to say these are all fantastic photos - all your babies are looking wonderful.