Saturday, July 30, 2011

Animal Crackers - Moving Pictures

This week I have something a bit different. Ok... so I was lazy. I had the WORST headache yesterday afternoon. I went out and tried to take a few photos. Then my camera died... dumb batteries. They sure to go fast lately, wonder if they are going bad? I don't know. Anyway I decided I would just be lazy and get my phone out and take a few fair photos with it, cuz by the time my camera charges - it would be dark.

Hubby decided he was going to go ahead and feed the goats. A little early, but hey they are always happy to have dinner, and better early for them than late! Light bulb went off in my head! Hey I could video the goats at dinner. I look forward to this time of the night, everyone is so funny finding their place in the dinner lines. And the babies... well they just have some fun and enjoy life while Mom's are busy eating. It is a special joy to see Scarlet and Rhett playing so hard, so you see them more than anyone :0) And they are the cutest at playing right now. Louie joins in a bit.... he is at the stage where he thinks he might want to eat grain with the bigger goats, but he really enjoys the playing too -

So here are some moving photos for you  -

Makes you smile doesn't it? Even with my head pounding I totally enjoy my time out there with them. Hubby is going to love that I captured him in his shorts and work boots! LOL

It was a hard week with the animals this week... Carlos and Paco left on Sunday and reports say they are adjusting well and enjoying their new surroundings. I love that we are close and can get progress reports!

Then yesterday Sweetie ( or Puppy 2 ) left us. I know she will be happy in her new family, but darn it is hard to loose them. Hubby would have 100 in our house if we could. When we came back in from waving goodbye to Sweetie and her new owners, he came in and picked up Precious and said... "It is ok with me if no one wants to buy you - you can live here with us forever" ... and this is why we have over 60 animals :0)  - He is a sucker for them, and would be perfectly happy if we never had to get rid of any of them. I love that in him... a big heart  :0)

I have a few photos stuck in my camera... I'll show them off next week - and I'll get more for you. But I hope you enjoyed some moving pictures as something a bit different - OH and my head is a bit better ... I think it is the weather - Dumb tropical storm Don... didn't come where we needed it! Maybe the next one will give us rain -

HUGS and have a wonderful Saturday -


Kirsten Alicia said...

Good morning Michelle, I hope your headache is completely gone. Thank you for the video - what a treat for us! The goat babies are certainly very bouncy :) & SOOOOO cute!! Have a great weekend.

Chrissy said...

Oh! Michelle...I just loved the video..that little brown goat head butting watching them leaping around, kicking out their back legs...just so darn cute!!!
Thank you for that and many more I hope...lovely.
[hope the head is feeling better]

Dee in N.H. said...

Sweet video! Hope you are feeling a bit better today!

Marilyn said...

Aren't those little guys just the funniest! Such abandon and joy... makes me wish I was a goat! Thanks for the video... you are right, it does make you smile.

Carol Dee said...

Rhhett and Scarlett are ADORABLE. Your DH sounds like a keeper. :) Gotta love a softie ;) Thaks for the sweet video this morning. We will keep our fingers crossed for some releif in cooler weather and rain showers. Hugs...

sara said...

Aww! That´s sooo adorable! Thanks for the video =)


I'm so happy your batteries died!! That is a great video. I really enjoyed it and I'll save it on my computer so I can watch it again. Guaranteed to make me smile. I love that your husband doesn't want to give anybody up. Good man!! It's hard to say goodbye. But, at least you can check on them and maybe even visit.

Rufus said...

Loved the video it just makes you smile to see them having such fun. Sorry that Don didn't give you any rain, I was hopping that he had. Hope that by now the headache is all gone, I know just how you felt! Gotta love that hubby of yours, a definite keeper.

Shelly said...

It was so much fun to see the babies playing. I think they have springs in their legs. lol

I thought of you when I heard Don was headed for Texas and hoped you would get rain. I'm sorry he only gave you a bad headache. :(