Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Me and My Space - More Stamp Storage, those that come with CDs.

Hello - ok, so last week I showed my Clear and Unmounted stamp storage, but I do have  another place I keep those Clear stamps that come from companies in CD's. Mainly Papertrey Ink brand. I have gotten so addicted to these stamps, and I especially love those that have matching die cuts!

But first let me show you how I store them.
 This is one of my Walmart CD storage boxes that I have shown before, they line the top of my desk and I keep all kinds of things in them. Copic refills, Stump stamps... and other things. But this one has CD's in it! Just like intended.
 Here the box is open, and you can see the edges have the Papertrey labels on them, with the name of the stamps. I have worn off some of the names, so I had to write in on some of them. This works so well to find each set easily...

So I have pulled out one of my favorites to show you something else...
This is Friendship Jar set -

 All safe inside the CD.... This set has a matching die cut set....
 On the back side of the CD I have attached a strong magnet - and I keep the dies attached to the actual set they match with! Now.. small little dies sometimes will fit in the CD with the stamp set, but these larger ones do not - so because they are safe inside the box, this works out perfectly for me. And I don't have to go and look for the die to match the set!

Oh.. guess I should fess up... I have a second box started since my first one is full :0)

So there is my some of sets in CD's .... works out well for me, and everything is safe. I use to keep all of my unmounted and clear stamps in CD's it is a great system for sets, and when you don't get out of control with stamps. I have a large box on the shelf I have shown in the past with stamps from years ago that I don't use often. Sad.... I just have too many. I need to go through them and have a sale huh? I just don't know if people would want my old stamps I guess... I'll think on it.

Now for my personal item of the week... I looked around my craft room and well most of my favorite things I have shown you, I decided to step out of my room and go down the hallway to show you something really special to me. REALLY special.

I have told you that I lost my Dad to cancer in 2000 - we all miss him terribly. He was a graphic designer. He was an artist that did ads by hand, and then trained himself to the modern world of computer graphics - He was really talented in both, he got really great at the the computer stuff. I have been blessed to have some of his early art from local adds. 
 As you can probably tell these are ads from department stores, I just adore these! These date from his earlier days - late 1960's or early 1970's... Don't you just adore these fashions!
 Just gorgeous! He could draw these up in seconds, and if I know my Dad he would roll his eyes that I framed them and hung them in my house - these were not his "best" work. Just "Ads". But I totally love them! They make me smile and feel closer to my Dad.
Hubby and I always comment how so many of them have that "Jackie O" look to them. If you look at their faces, they do... they all sort of look like her! LOL

Hope you enjoyed seeing them. Maybe I'll branch out into my house and show you more of my favorite things that are special to me from other areas :0)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! HUGS and -


Dee in N.H. said...

Love your storage ideas! Really love Dad's drawings!!! TFS!

ednamburgess said...

Your filing system looks great. I have mine in boxes or on a shelf, but not as organized as yours. And love the pictures of art that your Dad did. What a treasure and reminder of your Dad. Edna

Karen McAlpine said...

Fabulous fashion drawings!!! I would hang them up too. How special these pieces of art work must be to you. Thanks for sharing them.

Carol Dee said...

Great way to store those sets.
Ahem *throat clearing* YES people would buy your used sets! You have made them all look so good... someone else might really want that set to try it themselves! :)
I see now where you got you artistic talent. Dad was GOOD. Very Good. Thanks for sharing. Hugs...

Sheri said...

How special to have your dad's drawings. I love them - vintage has always been my "thing" so would love to find similar things at a sale. Your storage idea is perfect!

NinaN said...

Those are gorgeous! What a great reminder of your father and an awesome way to decorate with art!