Saturday, April 14, 2012

Animal Crackers - Enjoying all the babies

It is Saturday! This week Annie had her babies. It was a tough birth and the first one was a boy and as soon as he was born we knew something was wrong. He made it through the night, but was just too weak. His Sister on the other hand came out literally kicking and ready to go. Annie is a great Mom and is WAY protective of her girl.....

Meet Gidget

Now I have told you about Hank... our tiny tiny little boy, that we worried so much about. Well he is doing pretty darn good. Had some issues this past week... well... you see he was eating dinner at every "restaurant". The Mom's well they don't like that, and then his own Mom didn't like his smell and she wasn't letting him eat at home either. But finally it all sorted out and he is doing good again.

You have to know ... he is my special guy. You will be seeing lots of photos of Hank.
You go into the pen, and he RUNS to me, and then....
He is up on my leg, scratching ... pick me up, pick me up... Totally adore him :0)

Speaking of tiny and cute though... here is the Video I told you about last week. This is itty bitty Olive Oyl.

And one more video... this is the gathering right before the adults all get dinner -
It was rather quiet this night.. normally it is a lot more noise.... seriously. I love Frank in the back ground. That guy gets so excited at Dinner time. And NO worries about Paintbrush and Chloe head butting, they have really hard heads - and it is just what they all do.

So how about a donkey?
Across the pen with my zoom lens. Everyone is still really enjoying all the green. Late afternoon eating is all we think about. But I caught Ellie Mae looking at something in the distance - not for sure what :0)

In the Frat House (the youth boys pen) I found Felipe really talking out to the youth girls pen. It is Spring and all the guys are really showing off

Well I'll end today with some really quiet baby kids. Vera and Alice... shhhh afternoon nap here

Ooops one more that was just too cute to not share....

Found Jack, Crissy, Janet and Olive Oyl all lined up sleeping in their step... well step that they keep flipped upside down. Cuz you know it is just funner that way... LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kirsten Alicia said...

Swoon......, so much baby love!!!! The video of Miss Olive had me almost in tears, she is adorable. I think Hank is going to be trouble, he has *that* look about him. :):) A big welcome to Gidget, very sad that her brother didn't make it, but she looks very healthy.
Thanks for today's edition of AC, wishing you all a very happy weekend.

Ellie Maggie said...

This post is off the scale in cuteness! Loving Hank's pink nose. My dog went crazy when he heard Olive Oyl on her video - he thought she was in our garden and I had to let him out to prove she wasn't here! Gorgeous photo of baby kids sleeping in their step.
Have a lovely weekend Michelle,
Ellie Maggie x

The Crafting Cook said...

So totally love my weekly visits to see the babies- if only I lived in the same continent as you all, then would be forever pestering you for visits!!!
Sorry to hear you lost a baby, so sad. Totally love the picture of the baby goats lined up sleeping- can I adopt them all? LOL! Not sure if my cat would be keen on having them here though! Take care & love to all the animals, Teresa x

Marilyn said...

It is always sad when one doesn't survive but a happier time when an ill one flourishes.
I love the pic of them haveing a snooze in their step - so stinkin' cute!

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Wonderful sound at your land. I would loooove to come over there and meet all the babys and adults!

Jay Jay

Diane.W. said...

My Jack Russell,Badger, has just jumped up on the table to see where the noise was coming from,I was watching the video of Olive Oyl!!!! So cute,thanx for sharing :o) x

okienurse said...

Such sweet pictures of all your new babies. I forward the link to my granddaughter each week and she is going to love the video especially of Olive Oyl! MY fur babies went nuts when they heard her and my female cats thought a baby was in need of help and jumped up on the computer desk looking for her. Thanks for sharing these awesome babies with us. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Hank and Olive Oyl are so tiny and so cute! Love the noisy goat and donky clip. I did think they would be noisier, too! Have a fun week end. Hugs...

Rufus said...

They are all so darn cute! Glad that Hank is doing so well. It's always hard to lose a baby, but his sister is looking good. Adorable pic of them all sleeping in their step.

Shelly said...

So many sweet babies!!! I was here to see what you had on Animal Crackers late last night & didn't turn the volume up on the videos, because hubby was sleeping. Had to come back today and watch the videos with volume. Olive Oyl had both of our dogs very curious. They couldn't figure out what was making that new sound. lol