Saturday, April 21, 2012

Animal Crackers - A Penny for your Thoughts

Sometimes I would give a lot more than a Penny to know what they are thinking.... I caught Autie deep in thought outside yesterday... well as deep as Autie gets I guess.
I totally adore this guy - isn't he handsome?
Speaking of handsome.... We said bye bye to Ammo/Buddy - I have been calling him Buddy, don't know why just fit...
His new Mommy and Daddy will give him a new name I am sure, He is going to be a "only child" and I am sure he is going to be spoiled rotten, and totally adored. We will miss him... but 5 dogs is just too much and he is going to make his new parents very happy. 

I got this photo the other day... TOO CUTE....
Janet and Gracie were being brave and introducing themselves to Tuco and Ammo - it was totally sweet, until Tuco barked.. then everyone took off in opposite directions. Now it is deceiving the size of Tuco and Ammo... Ammo is actually much longer than Tuco... angle of the photo I guess.

Got a good photo of Gracie - She is just stunning! Love those ice blue eyes!
I am having trouble taming her down. But once I do catch her she lets me hold her and talk to her. But all the babies are in that run free excitement stage. So catching them is more of game... all but Hank, he still runs to me :0)

Here are two more girls... Crissy and Janet.
Crissy is much calmer than her sister Janet, but both are really beautiful.

Felicia - my scraggly donkey. Now that the nights are warmer, I do think we are gonna have to start brushing her out... closer to summer we will probably have to shear her.
Funny how some are like this and others slick off on their own. Genes I am sure have a lot to do with it.

Yolanda - pretty and sweet girl.
She is sold. Has been for a while, but we are 'keeping' her until she is old enough to stand her own with the big horses next door. Love that dark nose. Her new owners are coming to visit this weekend. Yolanda has a huge crush on him. :0)

I have a huge crush on Tuco -
Hubby has said since the day Tuco was born that he was going to be "his dog" his little dude. Uh... sorry dear, Tuco is my baby :0) My little cuddler.

And for the last photo... this hysterical photo I got with my phone of Libbie....
Boy I wish her hair would grow back in faster! She loves her new collar. I think she feels like it is her jewelry... It kind of looks like she is smiling too doesn't it? LOL

Well hope you enjoyed today's photos. To be honest I got about 10 other great photos of baby goats. But well... I can only fit so many in a post at a time. So already have some ready for next Saturday.

Have a wonderful weekend.
HUGS and


Aunty Sue said...

oh what lovely pictures you are so lucky to have these little fellows. My dog is called Buddy and yours reminds me of him when we got ours that look they have. We kept calling him buddy and then when we decided on him we asked his name and it was HOT SHOT BUDDY so how could we not pick him. Mine is a only one and find that enough so 5 wow. I am sure he will be loved and spolit rotten as mine is maybe they will keep him name would be nice.

isisimaginings said...

Wonderful photos, thank you Michelle. I hope Ammo/Buddy is going to be very happy in his new home.
A special thanks for the photo of Tuco, he has stolen my heart & I must admit to stroking the screen when I see him. :)
The baby girl goats ARE beautiful, I love all their different markings.
Have a great weekend.

Marilyn said...

I know I say it all the time, but this is the best way to spend a Saturday morning. I look forward to it and race through my blog list until I find you and yours!

Rhonda Miller said...

I just love visiting your blog and seeing all these great pics of your adorable animals and hearing their stories. TFS.

Carol Dee said...

Buddy is Soooo cute, I just love his freckled nose. I am sure they will spoil him rotten. How could they not?
And TUCO !!! Yikes he is going to be a good looking boy. :) It looks like he may have BOTH of you wrapped around his cute little paw :)
The baby goats oar so tiny and so sweet.
It is alwasy fun to stop and see what is happening down on the farm!
Have a fun weekend, hugs....

Rufus said...

Had to come for my Animal Crackers Saturday, even if it's now well into Sunday! Glad/sad that Buddy/Ammo has a new home. Yolanda has such a sweet face. Of course all the new babies are adorable!