Saturday, April 7, 2012

Animal Crackers - Kids EVERYWHERE!

Wow what a week! Smiles, Joy, Stress, Worry - For those that need a count... we are up to 21 baby goats! That is TWENTY -ONE! And two more Mom's to be!

First off I just have to tell you... Hank is here to stay forever! The rule is boys have to go. He is part of Lucy's quads. And we were a bit worried about him at first. But he is doing great! Tiny still but GREAT! I was having to keep telling Hubby that he had to stay, he just had too much personality, and he kept telling me no.. all boys go. But this week.... Hank has won over Hubby :0) Now don't tell Hank - but he thinks he is a dog. He runs to us when we come in the pen, stands up on my leg and scratches at me until he is picked up and loved on :0) Man he is totally adorable!

Ok so lets see... new kids. Belle had her twins. George and Gracie! Belle is a first time Mom and she is doing great.
Gracie is going to most likely stay here. Wish she would have gotten her Mom's blue eyes like her brother. But she is still really pretty... and carries that blue eye gene...

Then the next day Chloe went into labor and had her twins -
Bill and Ted. I was surprised to not see more of Chloe's red in them or her blue eyes... but they are still handsome. And they are one "Excellent Adventure". (Sorry had to say it LOL )

Then the next night Daisy went into labor - and man is this a lousy photo. Sorry. I took it with my phone and it was starting to get dark. And well Daisy is a bit of a nut and wouldn't stand still for nothing.
She totally shocked us with QUADS as well. She wasn't very big, we were even questioning if she would have twins... but hello... there were 4 babies! Three gorgeous girls and one boy. We named them Alice, Vera, Flo and Mel. "Well Kiss My Grits!" Vera is our first real Grey baby. The entire goal of Peso... I really want some grey babies! Gotten some pieces of greys in babies. Alice is gonna be a keeper for sure to, Black and white and she has her Mom's blue eyes.

Look how pretty Vera is once cleaned up and pretty -
Lovin the grey! I am really working hard on these girls to make them friendly.... I am tired of crazy loco goats.

Oh but this one, she is super super friendly... and is just as small as Hank.. Olive Oyl - One of Paintbrushes babies.
This I guess is enjoying the evening sun? She is beautiful. I have a great video of her to share, but can't get it to load. This little one ... well she never shuts up! And she has this tiny little scream. Hope I can get it to load for you soon.

This photo also cracked me up... Peggy and LuAnn - Lucy's girls... they have started to eat the alfalfa.
I don't think they are actually eating much. More copying what Mom does. But LuAnn really does seem to be enjoying herself. Great look on her face huh?

We had a real scare with Paintbrush this week. She got really sick, and a couple of days after having the babies, she wouldn't come out of their barn, wouldn't eat and well.. that made it hard to feed her kids. I got the vet out as quick as possible, we thought she was going to have to have surgery.. but after a while the Dr. was able to pull a still born baby. It was stuck way up in the birth canal. It was very traumatic, but I am VERY happy to report that Paintbrush is doing really well, and the babies are now eating and bouncing everywhere.

Then Miss Libbie -
 She was fixed this week. Very hard on all of us. But she is doing well. The Dr. asked us to keep her calm, still and no excitement for a week. Uh... seriously? It has been tough but she has done Ok so far. I'll be happy when her gorgeous full hair grows back in, I don't like this nearly hairless version of my girl.

Ok, so I have done way to many photos this week... but well.. it has been two weeks since Tuco I think so, there has to be one of him too -
Look how handsome he is :0) Everyone got new collars and their tags from shots. Tuco's has flames on his.. LOL

If anyone locally needs a adorable puppy... Ammo, Tuco's brother isn't working out well at his new home, and I need to find another home for him. So shoot me an email if you need someone to love on -

HUGS have a great holiday weekend -


NanaBeth said...

Easter sure came early to your place.They are all an absolute delight.Thank you for bringing us all so much joy with your photos!

Kirsten Alici said...

Twenty-one babies & they are all adorable. Wonderful to see Olive Oyl looking so gorgeous & I'm glad Paintbrush is now doing better after her traumatic experience.
Thank you for the pic of *my* boy, Tuco, he is such a handsome young man, but I am sorry that a new home is neded for Ammo. I hope he finds his forever home very soon.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Marilyn said...

Thank you for sharing your pics again... so happy Paintbrush is doing well. Sad to hear Ammo is not working out. I really do wish we lived closer because I'd take him in a heartbeat. I am keeping my fingers crossed though that you are able to find a good home for him soon.

Carol Dee said...

Adorable, every last one!!!! WOW, Paintbrush actuallty had quads, too. So many babies. I can only imagine the din when you enter the pen. LOL... have fun, hugs...

Anonymous said...

What an awesome group of babies. They are all so cute, I don't see how you are able to part with any of them. Texas Cropper

Niki said...

Glad to hear Paintbrush is doing fine. Scary times.

Hope Ammo finds his forever home soon. That's tough for a little guy to be bounced around.

Thanks for sharing all your critters and crafts. I look forward to your blog every day.


Samantha Mellor said...

Wow everyone is a gem. I love reading your blog as everyday must be an adventure. Thanks for sharing all the pics I really enjoyed them. Hugs SamXX