Saturday, April 28, 2012

Animal Crackers - SMILES

I don't know if I can even express how this photo makes me grin. I am in total love with this guy HANK...

He is still very tiny, and is very confused on who his Mom is. Grandma Paintbrush is still letting him stay with her, and she is feeding him. (Thank You Paintbrush!) And I have been supplementing with a few extra bottle meals every few days. His teeth have started coming in, and I think we are going to have a few issues there and the bottom row.. well they stick out a bit. But that just adds to his personality right? He answers me when I call his name, and he always comes a running when I come into the pen. Now.. I just need to figure out how to get him into the house! I would totally... if the dogs wouldn't bother him. But I guess he is going to have to stay in the goat pen. 

This is Hank's real brother Bobby. The giant baby goat. 
He is leveling out and isn't the huge guy in the pen anymore. Hubby and I have been talking and we are going to wait a bit on auction for the guys. He needs to find a home and be a future breeder stud. Gorgeous Guy! And in the past week, he has actually been almost friendly. 

Speaking of finding homes...
Mel has been sold. He will stay here for another week or so, then I will call the family that visited last weekend. They called and wanted to find a "pet goat" for their daughter. She has a baby lamb, and they want a goat to be friends. They are making a sort of mini farm. Mel was smart and when they went into the pen to decided who to purchase, he was one of the few guys that actually let them pick him up and hold him calmly. Other than Hank... and he ain't going anywhere. 

Anna Belle- Our only pregnant donkey. She is getting really wide. 
It makes me so sad that we are only having one baby donkey this year. Logically I know we have to be responsible and sell more from the past two years. With the drought here we haven't sold nearly as many as we would have liked. So to control the population and the FEED BILL.. we have not bred for the last 12 months. Anna is the only one, timing. She has already been bred when we decided. So I am going to have to really spoil and enjoy this baby! LOL just like I do every baby.

Irene - she thought she was hiding from me.
Shade tree it isn't, but still a fun place to hang out. She moved into the adult pen a few weeks ago. Took her a while to get use to it, but she is now "at home" and settled in well. 

Big Cocoa - The one is charge. 
Charge of what? Any thing and every thing! She is our standard female, she leads the other two standard boys, and thinks she has control of all the other donkeys and goats too. We just let her think it. Makes her feel good. 

Walking back to the house the dogs were all laying in the shade waiting for me so they could go back inside. I love this shot of Chica and Tuco - 
totally adorable huh? 

Ok, honest here... this post took me hours to do. OH MY! Couldn't get the photos off my camera onto the new Mac. Then I figured that out, then I couldn't figure out how to add text to my photo... then the watermark... Someday I will know how to use this new computer. 

Have a great Saturday :0) 
HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle
I adore your family of wonderful animals I'm a huge animal lover and I so envy you living where you do and being able to have all those wonderful babies (there all babies to me) I love seeing the pictures.
Kind Regards From Sam (In England)

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hank is a superstar! Just like Tuco, who gets more gorgeous every week.
I really hope that things get better for you & you can find more new homes for lots of the donkeys & goats. It's great seeing them every week but it's important that we remember this is your livelihood.
Wishing you all a great weekend, from Kirsten, also in the UK. :)

sassy said...

what adorable goats *i want one* i wish ...and all your piccis just made me smile and go aw bless hugs sassyx

okienurse said...

Such sweet babies! My husbands cousins have mini sheep and Bob gets allowed in the house with boots and a diaper on. They bought a truck to haul the other critters in but Bob rides in the cab...They have a several mini sheep but none as spoiled as Bob. Love all the baby goats and the puppies. They are really too cute! Vickie (from Oklahoma)

Dee in N.H. said...

One big Awwwww! Everyone is looking so cute and happy!

Marilyn said...

Another pleasant Saturday morning for me! Love all the pics and Hank is adorable... I get a kick out of what you said about his teeth because before I read that, I thought he looked like he's grinning. He's definitely cute little fella though! They are all cute, every one of 'em!

Kittie said...

That little Hank is so precious! Hugs!

Carol Dee said...

They all look so happy and content. Lucky critters to call your place home :) Hank really is cute. oh heck... they ALL are! I don't thinkI could ever part with any of them! Hugs....

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Your pics looks great, keep practising, you will be a pro soon! Love the little kids, they always make me smile