Saturday, July 12, 2014

Animal Crackers - Scratch Eleanore...

Howdy -

Well it is official now... Eleanore is no more.... Scratch that name from the list and now we are going with Evan? Alan? Alex? or Leon? Not sure yet.... gonna try a few names and see what fits.

Here is a little proof...

HE was showing off for the older ladies next door...

All the chickens are really starting to show their real colors - The Australorps really are getting some pretty colors! Check out Cora -

Speaking of pretty colors - check out Sweet Pea -

Timid little girl - like her Mom. But man is she gorgeous! Really beautiful red/orange with striking white and black.

Sergio is a looker too. He knows he is handsome.

Could be cuz I spoil my little orphan boy like crazy and tell him just how gorgeous he is every time I can! Little battle scar above his eye... I was sad about it, but Hubby says it makes him a tough Jack and shows the others he is in charge. LOL unless Mommy is there, then he is my baby.

Speaking of my baby... Autie was tired of waiting for me...

 The boy was yawning and ready for his air conditioning. Can you believe we shaved him a few weeks back? We are going to do it again I think. I would rather do it twice and leave a bit of hair than take it all and him be cold inside. As I am typing this he is laying under my desk with his head on my feet... he is such a love!

Speaking of a love... Jorge is just that and was really enjoying a dirt bath yesterday... too funny....

 Shame I didn't have my video on my to show just how much he was rubbing back and forth and enjoying himself! He thinks everyone should try this at least once! He seems to really love it!

Hope you have a wonderful day - maybe a little dirt bath? At least something fun to make you smile like Jorge.

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Oh Boy Elenore is no More
FOR SURE ! LOL All the critters are looking healthy and happy. I love the sleek summer coats and Jorge does look like one very HAPPY GUY. :)