Saturday, July 26, 2014

Animal Crackers - Such good helpers!


Well it is getting harder to get photos. Both for me and the animals. It is HOT out there, and really no one is wanting to post for me. Chickens look like they are roasting, goats are panting in the shade, and donkeys are for sure staying as much as they can in the shade.

But one day this last week I went to the neighbors to visit the girls and see the barn Hubby is building. Oh yea may have forgot to tell you Hubby is building a big barn for the neighbor, it is a big sort of kit with no instructions so it has been fun to figure out. But he has it going now and he has LOTS of help with it!

 Here Lacey, Vicki and Ellie Mae are making sure that he only brought tools in the back of the truck. Vicki was sure there should have been some sort of treat there for her!

Here Hubby needed the protect the box of bolts....

You see he set the box out on the ground... twice.... and well... bolts do sort of look like something they might want to have some fun with right? So Someone... mostly Jazz and Lacey... pick up the box and swing it all around until all the bolts are scattered everywhere! It is really fun to watch "Dad" fall apart and have to crawl around and pick them up. So now he keeps the box in the back seat of the truck and only takes out enough to fill his pocket. Lessons learned!

Here the girls are making sure that what will be the inside of the barn is not going to waste any good grass.

Got a great snap shot of Patricio "Pat Man" he is really becoming a stunning young man!

 Finally he loosing all that baby fur. His face and neck are so soft and slick. He is such a love too.... He adores to rub faces and hug.

Speaking of love.... My Autie and I have a started a new tradition.

 Every evening we take time to cuddle. I get in the recliner, he climbs up. And I mean literally climbs. I barely raise the foot rest, and he struggles and works his way up. Short legs are such an issue sometimes. Then he climbs right up on my chest and lay his head on me. He will stay as long as I let him. Usually it is until body parts start to go numb. LOL He is my baby...  The girls Chica and Libbie like to get in our laps, then in a minute or two they are done. Not my cuddle boy.

 Hope you have something to cuddle today -
HUGS and


Becky said...

What great photos.

Marilyn said...

I always enjoy my Saturday mornings with you and your 'family'. Thanks for sharing it.

okienurse said...

This weather has been weird and awful at times. It is unheard of for it to be in the 70's in Oklahoma in July but we did it last week and 101 today. I was looking ahead and the forecast says that it will be 90-100 every day till Thursday and it will be in the 70's. Stay cool and good luck to your husband on the barn with all his helpers! I love reading your posts. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Awww sweet cuddle puppy. DH's dog thinks he is, but he weighs in at 60 he will NOT sit on me.
Patricio is very handsome. They are like the kids and grow up so fast.
WOW, the girls really are HELPFUL. LOL. Sorry I laughed. ;) But it was funny 'cause it did not happen to me!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Such great photos. I'm sure your OH appreciated the girls' 'help'. :) Master Autie is such a cutie. Hope you're all having a great weekend.

loulou said...

I laughed about the bolts. We have a dog who loves to get bolts, screws anything metal and chew it. (I think it is because she spent too long behind bars in a shelter). Your little boy is a cutie, my fella's a great big boofhead but he still loves to cuddle.