Sunday, July 13, 2014

Garden Sunday - About done...

Howdy -

Well the early garden is just about all done. Hubby has picked the last of the zucchini and squash and pulled up all the plants. The watermelons are also all done. But he got quite a few for our first crop.

Plus Hubby has had quite a few as snacks while out there.... just like the strawberries I have found out. I really am not a watermelon fan, but I have tasted them and they are really juicy and sweet. Hubby is already planning more -

Now he is in the works for the fall garden. Cutting back tomatoes, planning more tomatoes and starting new veggies the garden so it isn't really pretty right now. So I though I would show you our Cenizo plant in our back yard -

This last week it was in full bloom. The bees and butterflies love it. Even saw a couple of hummingbirds this week! Just couldn't get my camera in time. Did get a few butterflies though -


Love this plant and we are planning to get a bunch more for our front gate. They need very little water once established and love to feed the birds and butterflies right?

Now the old timers say that when they bloom like this then you should be getting a really good rain with in a week or so - about 95% of the time it is right! Hope so this time - things are getting crispy here already - Love the heads up on the rain, but whether it is a rain fortune teller or not the plant is a keeper we love it -

Hope you have some time to spend outside today and enjoy the outdoors, nature and some pretty butterflies.

HUGS and-


soaringeagle said...

That plant is absolutely beautiful.
I think that's a lot of watermelon to eat and you must be kind of tired of squash by now. You certainly had an amazing amount.

Have an awesome day. Just wanted to let you know I love your blog.

Marie Louise

Carol Dee said...

I have never seen a Cenizo plant. Very pretty. Our garden is just getting a good start on producing. Kale and peas, now potatoes, zucchini and more kale. Next tomatoes and green beans. Just pick a bunch of raspberries . Your DH got nice crop of watermelon. We never have much luck with those. Try to stay cool.