Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gardening Sunday - On Hold for HEAT


Not much growing around here - Hubby is getting started on the Fall garden a little... but it is just so hot we are not really in a hurry.


This is an old thermometer we have hanging in the back yard. You can probably see it is in the shade...

Close up in case you can't read it -

 Yep in the shade -

Officially I think we really only hit 100 yesterday - unless you factor in the humidity then it really jumps! I actually made Hubby take the day off yesterday as he wasn't feeling well after working in the heat this last week and Friday evening it caught up to him. By last night he was back to normal. He can go back to work and I am going to have to keep a closer eye on him. He forgot to wear a hat Friday, that I think is what really got to him. Early morning work, then afternoon inside work, then a bit more late evening. That is the plan for next week -

Hope you have better weather where you are. They are showing a nice chance of rain end of the week here so that should cool it off for a few days... maybe.

Should be able to show off the tomatoes next week - Hubby cut the Spring tomatoes back to for Fall hope they pop back and want to do good for Fall -

Have a blessed Sunday -


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Ok, that IS hot! It's only in the 80's here, with humidity about 75% & I hate it, would never survive in Texas. :) Hope your hubby is feeling better today, he definitely needs to be careful working in heat like that.

okienurse said...

Dehydration is a real issue around here too. I got in the swimming pool yesterday and it was 90+ in the taking a bath then doing a refreshing swim! I planted some green beans, squash and thought I would try some lettuces and radishes in flower pots in semi shade. Neighbor next door has fresh lettuce year round with a 5 gal pot she brings in and out of doors. Worth a try. Stay in and stay cool. August is coming. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Too Hot for this tomato ;)
I do not like hot weather. Always feel bad. So I am delighted we have had 0 days in the 90's yet. Very odd. The Near 90 with high humidity did me in. I hope it lasts all summer but bet on it getting REALLY hot about the time the kids go back to school mid August. I will check in as soon as I get home from Vacation to see what goodies I missed.