Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Basically the Cenizo was right!

Howdy -

So last week I showed you our blooming Cenizo - really a gorgeous tree or is it a bush? Anyway it is stunning when it is in full bloom, and the old timers say that means rain is coming in the next few days.

Well basically it was right - sort of... All week we had chances of rain - pop up summer thunder showers that just missed us. Then Thursday night middle of the night some HUGE lines of really heavy rain were coming through and looked like it was going to cover everyone! Just a few miles west they got up to 4 inches! Just a few miles to the east they got 3 inches! North and South got just about the same. But if you watched the radar it slowed down created a hole and well.... our fences just must be a lot better than we think and we ended up with 1/4 inch of rain! Seriously just north of us was massive... died out and then fired up just south of us!  Too insane huh?

So we are just going to hope that the next storms take pitty and don't miss us... until then we keep going right?

Now I showed you our Crepe Myrtle trees a couple of weeks ago...

While running errands earlier in the week we stopped by the store to pick up some groceries. And they were unloading and stocking their nursery section... 5-6 ft. Crepe Myrtle trees!! And they were really a fabulous price too! So....

Five trees had to come home with us! Well in reality we were in Hubby's Jeep, we had to come home in the truck and go back and get the trees. But 5 ended up home with us! A couple will go on the west side of the house to shade my craft room, and then three with go around the goat pen to give them more shade. Wish they could go in the pen for more shade but they would just eat them in a day or so. So they go outside the pens, now if we can keep the three big donkeys away from them too the goats should have good shade next summer... LOL

Garden has gone on a hold for a couple of weeks - Hubby is building a barn for the neighbor, so all his time is there right now. But he says he is going to make time to get some fall things going soon. How is your garden going? I think it is so interesting how the different place have such different growing seasons. So what are you eating out of your garden this week? We are finishing up the last few zucchini and squash, thinking the rest will be frozen. And then Hubby has just a few watermelons left. A few last tomatoes are trying to turn red in the garden but is getting so hot they may not make it. FALL will be here soon and it will all be growing again!

Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday -
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Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

The trees look so beautiful. Hope you get proper rain soon. Friday night we had a huge thunderstorm with about 8 inches of rain in two hours. I was helping a friend & when we left to drive home the air was wonderfully cool & fresh. Three miles away at my house, the humidity was 90%. Weather is weird. :)

Carol Dee said...

I am sorry you did not get more rain. Maybe next time. Fingers crossed.
More crepe myrtle! I am so envious. They are so pretty. Do they grow fast there? What (colors) did you get?