Saturday, August 2, 2014

Animal Crackers - Another change of names-


 This week I spent some time in with the younger chickens, I had to get some nesting boxes in the hut. A few weeks I think until they start to lay, but I wanted to have it in place in case we have an early girl.

Now this one isn't a girl -

I think he is saying "UH NO... I am not!"  You see I have three Australorps - One is Alice my girl that was sick right after we got them. She is doing great. But then there were two others, that looked exactly alike. Not sure why Alice looks a bit different, but she does. I called the other two Cora.. and Cora 2 as I couldn't really tell them apart and it was frustrating. But in the last couple of weeks one of them their neck feathers started growing longer, longer tail feathers and then... that wonderful Cock-a-doodle doo one morning. Yes This one and Leon are both announcing the sun coming up and going down each day. So I named our newest boy... "Sam" Seemed PERFECT that he be named Sam as he will be "Alice's" Boyfriend. Make sense right? Had to explain it to Hubby as he had no clue that the Brady's Maid Alice even had a boyfriend named Sam the Butcher!!! How can you not know that? Sigh....  He seems to like his name Sam...

And look at the colors that are coming in - 

 We are trying to figure out space and getting a couple of new coops so I can give each breed their own home and maybe hatch some little chicks! But that is down the to do list for a little while.

 Sorry I know I show this same sort of shot of Alice a lot... but this girl just really take fabulous photographs!

She is still in with Frankie  - she should already be bred. But just in case we are leaving her in to make sure. Also in with her and Frankie is Annie...

One of our original four goats - and she happens to be Frankie's special lady. HE LOVES HER! Cuddles with her and really hates when it is time for her to go. So she stays right up until time for her to deliver.

 Caught Crissy stretched out in the shade of one of the huts in the girls pen -

 She looks so comfortable doesn't she? A real sweetheart - one of the more friendly goats we have. I think she will be bred in the fall maybe for Spring kids.

One last shot - Found two of the guys napping at the fence -

 Sergio and Ramon were both dozing a bit. Ramon I think was more than dozing! Sweet boys! Well unless a girl in season is within 10 feet!! Ok... any feet as long as the wind is blowing their way. LOL Then those teenage boys really get active and competitive!

Hope you are have a wonderful weekend planned where you are. Hubby is working on the barn and going good so I think we will be at home while he can get lots done. I'll show a photo tomorrow -

Have a great one!
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Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Wow! Gorgeous colours on Sam's feathers, he is a handsome chap. As always, I love all the photos & this week, my favourite is the one of Chrissy, she's a beauty. Have a great weekend.

soaringeagle said...

Oh my gosh, Sam is absolutely beautiful, those colors are amazing. Love your pictures of the goats and donkeys too. Have an awesome day,

Helen said...

Great pictures again. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Helen

Carol Dee said...
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Carol Dee said...

Sam is stunning! The Goats all look fabulous in their photos. Good to see everyone surviving the heat.

Carol Dee said...
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Carol Dee said...
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Shelly said...

Sam's colors are beautiful. Question: Why does Annie have to be separated from Frankie when the baby comes? The only thing that comes to my mind is so that another baby doesn't come along too soon. But having never been around goats much, I have no clue if that's correct.