Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden Sunday - Concrete Donkey


Since not much is growing here I thought I might take today to show you one of my favorite things here. This old Donkey concrete Statue -

This old piece of concrete was here when we bought the place many years ago. Found it in some very deep weeds under a tree. Loved it the day we found it. But then when a few months later we purchased our first donkeys and started "DonkeySmiles" it really has become special.  Ears are long gone and the concrete is smooth with age, but still has so much personality. 

Now it sits under the tree in the backyard. And yes I know back in the weeds... hey it is just too hot to mow right now, and at least the weeds are a little green. 

Side  view -

Also wanted to show off how much Hubby has gotten done on the neighbors barn!!

90% of the framing is all done. Next are the frames for all the double dutch doors down the sides. There are 9 of them... And then two huge sliding doors on the ends. Then the metal siding. I am so proud of how much he has accomplished in this 100 degree heat and all by himself. Those peaks in the center are over 18 feet high so it has been a challenge for sure. This last week he has had to stop working on it every day between 2-3 pm as the pieces of metal just get to hot to work with.

Hope you have a wonderful blessed Sunday!
HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

The barn is going to look amazing once it's finished, huge praise to your hubby for doing it all on his own - VERY wise to avoid working on it during the hottest part of the day. Love the weatherworn donkey statue, what a treasure to find.

Carol Dee said...

That is going to be an impressive barn! A lot of work for one person! Maybe that sweet old donkey statue was trying to tell you something when you found it. ;)

Helen said...

Sweet old statue; I also have a very small spanish concrete statue of a donkey carrying 2 baskets to put flowers in.