Saturday, August 9, 2014

Animal Crackers - Lawn Mowers


Yesterday was lawn mowing day. All natural you could say - We set up temporary pens around for some of the donkeys to move out and not waste what is left of of the grass around here. They youth boys love days when we do this... no time for head scratches or attention they have a job to do!! And they do it well! A few hours and one spot and grass is down and mowed very well!

 Handsome men... and soooo sweet. But when they are busy they are busy.

Speaking of a job to do - Found one of the outside kitties seriously at work.

Fraidy Cat has become somewhat more friendly, still cautious but doesn't totally freak and run when they see us coming. Yesterday he couldn't leave... he had sport going on. Now at first look you would think oh... he killed a mouse. But you see that little mouse is still VERY MUCH alive... ok at this point alive, I am sure in the end he wasn't. Fraidy would drop him and stare him down. Daring him to move. I watched this for at least 20 minutes. Drop - Dare - Twitching - Mouse takes off and then Caught and it all starts over again. He was so proud of his hunt.

So proud this photo has NO ZOOM! He stayed there, slight growl and the mouse under one foot. This cat is so stunning in his coloring and pattern. He is striped around his head, neck and tail. But his body is totally spotted. So happy he is letting us interact a little and talk more to him. Not a very smart mouse though. A million acres to wander on and that mouse had to go though the cat house area... not smart at all. But it did provide entertainment all afternoon.

The three standard donkeys then showed up for some refreshing afternoon water. Dad filled their bucket with cool water, when it is over 100 degrees, that fresh water is wonderful - Valentine was swishing and in the water -

Cocoa Bean was making her way as well, then paused to see what the doggies were barking at. Make sure everything is safe and ok you know.

She is always paying attention. Dogs were just barking at each other to hear themselves so all was ok to move forward. Love this gal. She is basically a rescue donkey. We bought her as a friend for Ted to wander with. She was pregnant with Valentine at the time and was so skinny and didn't look healthy at all. So we decided we needed to help her have a better life. Brought her home, she ate well and delivered a healthy little baby boy... who after 5 years still follower right behind her everywhere she goes. Now... she is OVER healthy. You would think we feed her extra meals and junk food. But nope, she only lives off the land and hay flakes in the winter. She seems happy here and loves that she is in control of her land and other donkeys.

 Ted is one of her shadows - our Walmart Greeter - He loves to meet people at their cars, say hello and make sure they are not there to see him about anything.

 Calm, loving and just the best friend ever. Well unless you are a coyote... the boy doesn't like them and I have seen him take care of them before. WOW.

One more today ... if you look really close you can see Mallory...

 New Dog Igloo was found for the goats last week. We have a handful of them now. And will buy every one of them we can find at Flea Markets and Garage Sales.  In the beginning we bought some new. They are pretty pricy... We have found a few at sales and get them for $10-20 bucks now. They are FABULOUS for the goats. They destroy all the huts we build out of wood. So now they get these. They are very durable and well.... you can see a great place to get out of the sun! She was really enjoying this new hut.

Well hope you got a smile out a few photographs this week. Things this time of year are usually pretty slow and not easy to find great photographs. Just too darn hot. But snapped a few... hopefully can get more this week.

See you tomorrow for Garden Sunday-
HUGS and


okienurse said...

I love regrading about your awesome critters and fur babies. I love how the feral cats have adapted to there home and how they are trusting you more each week! Friday Cat is a beautiful cat! I keep after the kids to get some goats for their five acres but no! They are so cute to watch! Have a great week. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Way to go Fraidy cat! A good mouser is worth his weight in gold. :) I could use a donky or two to mow the yard as DH and I don't get to it often enough!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Oh dear, poor mouse. But a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do. :) Fraidy Cat is gorgeous & it's great that he's being slightly less fraidy. Fantastic photos as always. Have a great weekend.

PaperSunshine said...

Fraidy cat looks and hunts like my sons first cat, she was an awesome cat. Love a good hunter kitty! Didnt like the trophys she brought home lol! I think you could have a business renting out your lawn mowers lol! They do great work :)

Lori K.