Sunday, August 10, 2014

Garden Sunday - Buds

Howdy -

I asked Hubby to take me a couple of shots of the Garden yesterday evening while he went out to water. I was really surprised to see just how much the Tomatoes had grown!!

 Just over a week since I took the photographs I showed last Sunday - we did have that little bit of rain one night so that is probably what helped. We are even showing signs of buds! Buds mean Tomatoes!

He also took another photo that surprised me! We have one fruit tree that hasn't been planted yet, still in a pot near the door of the greenhouse. A Pear... And look what he snapped yesterday -

 YUMMY! I just hope the tree stays healthy and we get to eat these before something or someone else finds them. We have been really nervous about our little orchard. You see we have now had attack of the grasshoppers here. Millions of them. Would be fine if they ate the weeds - but they have decided to go after the fruit trees. Hubby has been really watching them close and hoping that they won't die from all the damage from the bugs - Hot Texas Summer and certain bugs just really go nuts. I just hope they eat the leaves and move on and don't kill the trees. Lots of time and money and then we would have to start all over. Isn't Gardening Fun? Sigh....

Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Sunday -
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

BUGS ugh.... We have a few grasshoppers. No real damage from them. But something is eating all the leaves off of the brussel sprouts and horn worms have attacked the tomatoes. :( I can't believe how your tomatoes have grown this week. Our are beginning to produce, time to start putting them up for winter. No way can we eat them all fresh.