Saturday, August 23, 2014

Animal Crackers - Hiding in the Shade

Howdy -

Well most everyone is hiding in the heat here. Been a tough week for us - We have had days all week over 100 degrees and it has taken its toll on the chickens. We lost one this week. Sunday one of our Rhode Island Reds had a heat stroke - I worked for days with her. Hand feeding applesauce and yogurt, and lots of waters with electrolytes and vitamins. But after 5 days it just didn't do any difference and we lost her. We have two others that had a little dehydration, but has been better than the first. We are trying to save those two. I so hope we can. 

All the other chickens have been really enjoying the extras ... spraying down the pens twice a day - Frozen Fruit and Veggies at least once a day, yogurt, applesauce and lots of water with the electrolytes. Oh and the tarp on the end of the pens as well... more shade.

The Wyandottes are hiding under and behind their hut. Shade! Oh they run out for the treats don't worry...

Alice is loving that their pen has the tarp over then end. We put that up when we built it as their pen is just shy of the tree for late afternoon -

But it is all good with the tarp... Shade!

Now Violet seems to think standing on the water can keep you cooler... 

Leon was requesting that she not poop in the water as then Mom has to change it over and over.  LOL

Now Bella she decided that all the way against the trunk of our large Oak tree was the best place to be. 

It really wasn't bad while I was visiting under the tree. Around the other side I found three other ladies that were smart under the oak.

Darlene - Our oldest lady. I think she is about 26-28 now... Old sway back lady. Our matriarch. We have decided that we won't breed her for a while... she has given us some fabulous babies since we bought her, but it is time for her to think about her -

Chica and Libbie went up and were up on the porch and were ready to go in, but my boy Autie was toughing it out in the sun at the gate waiting for Mom. He is always at the gate waiting on me.

This guy is my boy. Always waiting on me for the ok, and to do anything. Sweet... but not at 6 am when "Dad" is already up and is trying to take the dogs out.... Autie wants me to get up and take him to the door and let him know it is ok. Sweet.. yes, but man... LOL

Hope you have some indoors in the air conditioning planned this weekend if not... stay in Hiding in the Shade!

Have a great day -
HUGS and - 


~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Please share some hot weather with us here. We have autumnly weather now and my free two weeks are starting Monday. Summer holiday... cold weather :(

Your pictures are great like always. So sorry to hear that you lost one chicken. I hope the others are doing fine again.

Jay Jay

Carol Dee said...

The shade looks like a good idea in that heat. Fu today... not really. We will be heating up the kitchen and putting up pickles and tomatoes!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I'm so sorry about the chicken, I hope the others will be ok. Also hope the temperatures drop for you very soon. It is much cooler here this week, which suits me fine.
Terrific photos as always, enjoy your weekend.