Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Tomatoes take 2

Howdy -

Now I won't get on today and complain about the heat, oddly it was rather nice yesterday morning here. We got a little bit of rain Thursday Night and then a front must have come through and Hubby and I were outside just enjoying the weather. Low 70's for central Texas in August mid morning, that is a wonderful. The animals were loving it too... all stretched out relaxing thought about figuring out a hammock myself! But had a list of chores so couldn't do that.

First up I promised to show you the Tomatoes -

They did so well this year that Hubby decided to cut them all the way back and let them regrow for fall. Looking good so far! With the little rain we got I bet they will shoot up this week. Just hope we get lots of yummy tomatoes again.

Hubby has been really getting a ton done on the neighbors barn - Zoomed in across the pasture. 

He got a bunch up just yesterday too... he wanted me to point that out as I took this photo Friday. LOL Now that the time consuming measuring and setting of the concrete feet are done it is starting to really go together faster. I am so proud he is really getting so much of it up so fast.

Well off to get my list of chores done today... one of the major ones is some coloring :0)  Such a hard day planned! Hope you have some fun planned as well.

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Carol Dee said...

I never knew you could do that with tomatoes! Cool. Ours are just starting to ripen. The barn is going to look great your DH is such a handy guy.

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished barn & I hope the second crop of tomatoes is as good as the first. I had a few of the first ripe ones from my neighbour's greenhouse yesterday, they were delicious. Mine still have a way to go....