Saturday, October 31, 2015

Animal Crackers - Enjoying the breeze

Howdy -

Enjoying a little break in the rain and the cooler breeze in the air.

I LOVE the look on Olive Oyl's face. That is true enjoyment don't you think? She is really loving that breeze. Even a little bit of smile there. LOL Paintbrush is Olive Oyl's mom. The two are always together. Adorable.

Speaking of here are our two "babies" they have learned how to jump on the top of their hut and the two had laid back and decided to rest on the roof and enjoy the breeze themselves.

These two crack me up. Thelma is the friendliest of the two and first to come up and get a head scratch. Louise though is the talker. Hubby always rolls his eyes when I carry on conversations with Louise. Oh yes we have long talks. I talk... She talks....I talk...She talks... and yes we know just what we are talking about. LOL

Chickens - well we have had some stress with the chickens. You see the number of eggs went WAY down a couple of weeks ago. Like one to nothing. Now Elenore was my steady regular gal. She went through her molting and as you can see she all beautiful again but still no eggs from her. Not sure why. 

Now the Australorp's  pen - we found one very large issue was found and taken care of. A 6 foot chicken snake. But still no number of eggs. They are beautiful as well, really stunning black chickens aren't they? But now I need my eggs...

Hopefully things will pick up again soon.

And then I thought you would like to see that Libbie is doing a little better.

 A little. She seems to be coping and learning how to get around. Her eyes don't seem to be nearly as cloudy as they were. That could be wishful thinking, but as long as she is getting around and still barking and my Libbie Lou... Love this girl!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and -


soaringeagle said...

So glad to hear that Libbie is doing better. Hope she continues to do well. Love the goats, they must be a hoot to live with.

Carol Dee said...

Libbie looks so sweet. Her eyes do not look TOO bad, The chickens are lovely, I hope they lay again soon. And no more SNAKES!