Saturday, October 3, 2015

Animal Crackers - pretty girls

 Howdy -

More photos from the sunrise last week. The goats were talking like crazy waiting for breakfast. Actually it was more like demanding.

 Louise is one of the most photogenic little girls.

 We talk, Louise and I that is... she loves to chat with me. Still a little cautious, but very friendly in her own way. But she loves to pose for those stunning face shots. Those eyes just melt me. And the coloring with the sunrise was perfect!

All the little girls have those gorgeous blue eyes. Louise just stares with them they just freeze you in your tracks.

Her sister Thelma has is a real looker too. And she loves cuddling and head scratches. Pretty little thing as well...

 Now the one thing with Thelma is that she a slightly smaller version of her 1/2 sister Lizzy. And in the future they will be really carbon copies...

The only way I will be able to these two apart is Lizzy's white stripe on her head is a little longer. But man... these two so alike!

And since I have show all three other little girls I just have to show off Jackie too!!

 Another looker! Love her grey markings. Don't get too many with that real grey on them. Now Jackie she is my girl. Bottle fed babies are SOOO friendly and sweet.

Speaking about bottle babies... My first bottle baby goat Sandy was really screaming for breakfast.

 Really friendly gal. Very talkative as well. LOL -

Now I got a shot of the boys too. They were really keeping a close watch on "Dad" and making sure they were not passed by with the hay cart.

They are all cute, and I know I keep going on and on about Doc and his fabulous hairdo..but common it is the best isn't it? Too funny!

Now I know this week as been all goats so to end this week I found another photograph one of the lady donkeys.

Macie - My big girl!

 I also have special talks with Macie... The two of us really need to start working on our weight together. Wonder if maybe we should start doing walks together. Not sure how far I would get.. Macie stops to graze quite a bit. Sigh.. will power is so hard isn't it Macie? I know.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend
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