Saturday, October 10, 2015

Animal Crackers - No Parking!

Howdy -

No place to park when we arrived home the other night. Nope... you see Teddy had decided that was where he wanted to stand. And when he has decided... he doesn't move. Well unless you bribe him with a peppermint... yes then he will move.

 Took a quick photo through the windshield before I got out and went into bribe mode. I think he has this figured out that if he stands firm and won't move then we will get out and give him peppermint. Hope our local favorite cafe doesn't mind that this is why we take our mint at the end of the meal... have to make sure we always have "funds" to pay off the big guy to park in our normal place.

Zoomed across the pasture to the far pen to snap a shot of Fanci, Miguel and Rico enjoying their new pen on the neighbors property. No need for grass to go to waste! Moving lawn mowers to the rescue.

Of course with the lack of rain and the end of summer there isn't as much grass as there was. But they are still enjoying the larger space. Oh and being closer to the ladies... Rico hasn't quite accepted that he is a gelding and he loves to chase down the fence and talk to the ladies.

 Speaking of ladies... keeping a close eye on Gracie. She has spent the last few months living in Peso's bachelors pad. This is her second attempt to getting her pregnant. I will be so upset if this one didn't take.

Should know something for sure soon. She isn't real big, and Dwarf goats sometimes have big tummy's anyway, but I am so hoping that there is a little bun in that oven!

And speaking of big tummy's....

Macie is my "big girl" that I talk about often. And she more than once has fooled us making us think she is pregnant and she really isn't. But things are getting pretty wide.... now she was not purposely bred this year and so the only chance she is will be that one day in March that Black Jack's fence for a "oops" party. I am SO hoping that she did get pregnant. I know she looks huge and you think I am nuts for even questioning it. But she really is a fat girl normally... so she can fool ya! I know if she isn't we are going to look into weight watchers for donkeys!

Patti came to me in a quick trot while I was out napping the other day. This girl is slow and usually last in the group, but when she is wanting attention she can move quick. She got lots of ear rubs, she LOVES ear rubs.

Pepita was really interested in keeping a watch on the goats. They were being quite noisy and she wanted to make sure all was ok before she let down her guard and came for attention.

 And other than a few of the boy goats being loud showing of for the ladies.. all was ok and she also got her share of snuggles.

This one was funny... I adore the trains that come through the pens.

They always walk one after another. Doesn't matter how wide the path is... They have a little Tusken Raiders "Sand People" from Star Wars in them. Walking in a line hides their numbers.. you never know how many are coming to attack! LOL

Hope you got a smile from this week. They always give me a giggle!
HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

My goodness Macie IS Wide! (I have no room to talk!) :)
They all look happy and healthy as they always do. So lucky to be living with you all. I am thinking Ted has the right idea. You could bribe me with sweets too. :)