Saturday, October 24, 2015

Animal Crackers - rain and shine

Howdy -

A mix of some new and some photos from last week. Hurricane Patricia is suppose to be giving us some really nice rain this weekend, had a little bit yesterday but much more predicted for today. Could use very much needed rain, but as usual it is all at once or nothing at all. LOL gotta love Texas.

So first up today - Juliet and Gabby

These two have become BFFs when Lydia was sold I worried about Juliet and her loosing her best friend. But Lyida's little sister Gabby stepped right up and filled her shoes. Now Juliet is just fine and loves her new BFF Gabby. And since Juliet will never be sold... and Gabby will never be sold either. We should be fine now and no one has to loose their buddy this time.

Speaking of Buddies... my buddy Diego - my first baby

He is such big boy. He is always first to head to you for loving. They boy loves to have his head scratched... heck he loves his rear end scratched too and everything in between!!

Found this great one of Patti, Irene and Pepita... Patti is Irene's Mom. Patti is so much darker than Irene. Irene gets her lighter spots from her Daddy Raffie. And Pepita... she gets that really dark black coloring from her Daddy Black Jack.

 Lacey... such a pretty girl. Love these shots when the sun was setting...

She is such a pretty girl. She is also a funny girl. Love her personality! Always looking to be center of attention and some way to make you laugh! My original shoestring untying funny girl.

Rico... He is loving the new pen. Lots more space, new hut.... but more importantly.... it is right up close to all the girls pen. Now Rico is a gelding and really shouldn't have interest in the girls. But well... he seems to have lots those Manly interest still..... Such a Guy...

Seems Ted has had lots of photo time recently. He has just really wanted to pose and be handsome for the camera. I mean look at that face, handsome isn't he?

Libbie update - for those that have asked, she has been getting meds for her eyes. Not sure if they are working yet. But she seems to be doing ok. Still not seeing well, but holding steady. Leg is much better unless she is ran over by Chica and Autie who still haven't figured out they need to watch out for her. I have been reading about how other pets will take up the slack and watch and care for those that are going blind. I just wonder if Chica and Autie will stop playing long enough to notice. Those two are always on 100% play mode.

Hope you got a smile again this week. We will all be watching the rain, knowing it will help with some green growth later.

Have a blessed weekend. 
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Those donkeys sure are photogenic! Rico is HANDSOME and Ted E. was aptly named. I just want to hug him. :) Are Libbie's eye issues cataracts? If so, can they help like they do for humans? I hope you get the rain you need and NOT too much more. Sure sounds like parts of TX will get hit too hard again. :(