Saturday, January 7, 2012

Animal Crackers - Puppies, Christmas Carrots and some CANDY

Hello! Oh it is so wonderful to have healthy puppies. Libbie was taking her sweet time, and I was getting.... totally freaked out! But she had them and they are totally adorable! Two sweet little boys. Now I think I have mentioned that if we had a Blue Merle, like Libbie,  that Hubby was probably going to want to keep it. And just as expected. He has already claimed him and named him. LOL He of course keeps saying maybe we will keep him, but I know him... this guy is gonna be a member of our family -

Cute huh? His name "might" be.. LOL ... "Tuco" - yes, one of Hubby's favorite movies is The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and he loves the character Tuco Rodriguez. I just hope he is a sweet boy and I really have all my fingers and toes crossed that he has blue eyes like his Momma.

Puppy two - now we have a couple of nick names we have been calling him. "Toad" and "Pudge" but the new owner can name him officially.
We might have someone that wants him... fingers crossed there too - then they will both be officially claimed.

Libbie has been her fabulous self - a wonderful MOM.  She barely leaves their presence, and when she just HAS to go outside, she barks the whole way there, goes really really fast, and then barks the entire way back. I guess that is so they know she is still there. LOL too funny.

Can't wait to take a million puppy photos and share!!

Then while getting ready to post today I realized that I never shared our traditional Christmas Day Donkey photos. It was rainy and cold so we didn't spend as much time as we like to with the donkeys, but they got like 6lbs. of carrots so they were ok.

Here my niece Cori is making sure that everyone gets a carrot... not just the ones with long necks through the fence. :0)
 Cori very quickly learned that Lacy is very greedy with the carrots and grabs them up fast... move slow Cori and watch those fingers! :0)
Kaylynn has that sweet confident reach - Love that new puppy hat with ears she got for Christmas! LOL
This was just too great of shot over the fence to not share...

 Tali was brave and ended up feeding Ted E. Bear, the standard. He is Totally obnoxious about getting carrots... or anything else you have.

 OH and just had to share this one of Little Leticia! She is too young for carrots, but it didn't mean she wasn't going to push her way to the front of the fence to get some loving! She is SO DARN CUTE!

Now I have something a bit different. This year I made up some calendars from Shutterfly
 it had been years since I had ordered anything like this, but I wanted a few for some family and friends for Christmas. Talk about FAST service!! I ordered on a Sunday night late, and Hubby brought in the box from the post office on Tuesday! Seriously FAST! And they really turned out pretty darn cute - Now I can post a large photo from the site due to their copyright stuff... but it is really cute - trust me :0)
So I have one of these that I got for one lucky ready of Animal Crackers... :0) If you need an Animal Crackers Calendar.. post here and I'll pick a winner and announce next Saturday ok? Make sure you let me know who you are if you post anonymously - 

Gotta run - Hubby and I are taking a day with some friends... IKEA for the girls, and a stop at Cabela's probably for the boys - and a late lunch for all of us!

HUGS and


~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Yay IKEA :) Have fun there, hun! The puppies are really too cute. I hope you will keep one of them ;)

I love the donkey carrot feeding on Christmas. Looks like everyone had fun.

The calendar idea is great! I love it and of course I would love to have my own animal crackers calendar <3

Hugs hugs
Jay Jay

Margo said...

OOOHHH Yes, I would love to have a calender of your Animal Crackers!!!!!!

Hugs Margo

Diane.W. said...

Congratulations on the Puppies,they look adorable & well done Libbie x
The calendar will certainly give someone lots of smiles :o) x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Lovely photos Michelle, the puppies are very cute, but my favourite pic this week has to be the one of little Leticia standing amongst the long legs of the others.
Yes please, I really NEED an Animal Crackers calendar, it would make me smile every day. Thank you for the chance to win.
Have a lovely weekend.

Caroljenks said...

Gorgeous pics as always Michelle - what a great Christmas tradition!

The thought of one of your calendars is so exciting - I can't believe you're giving one of us the chance to have your family on our kitchen wall ;) !!!

Carol x

Dee in N.H. said...

LOL! I was hoping the candy was that uber-sweet puppy! ROTFL!!!! But I sure would love that calendar too!
Great christmas pics! I wish I was close enough to show up with a bag of carrots too!

Helen said...

WOW, your puppies are so adorable. Really cute. Love the pictures of the donkeys and the carrots. Great; wish I would have been there. This animal cracker calendar is so cute; would love to win it and have my animal crackers not just on saturday! Have a nice day and enjoy your shopping and lunch. Hugs from Holland, Helen

okienurse said...

oh yeah!! definitely want to throw my hat in the ring to get a calender! Congrats on the new babies. I have 2 cats an my husband is a crummgeon and wont let me have a dog! I would love to have one too! the girls keep me busy enough I don't miss one but..Thanks for sharing your family with us! Vickie

LorraineB said...

Thanks for posting all those pictures. They're all such beautiful animals. I'm so happy that one of the puppies will be a family member. That's great. I would love to have an Animal Crackers calendar. I already have a spot for it - lol. Now all I need is a little luck!

Marilyn said...

Another great Saturday of Animal Crackers to sit and drink coffee with. Lovee the pic of Leticia... so darned cute! And the puppies... if I lived closer Michelle, I'd sure try to get dibs on one of them.

Carol Dee said...

I would love to have a cute Animal Crakers Donkey calender. Throw my name in the hat. I have never been to IKEA but have been to Cabela's many times. Sounds like a funday. LOVE the donkey mob looking for carrats, whata riot. :) And the puppies are so sweet. How can you ever part with any of them? Hugs....

Karen McAlpine said...

Cute puppies. Let's see, was Tuco the bad or the ugly?? Well, the puppy looks like neither. Feeding the animals looks like lots of fun! Great photos. Would love the Animal Cracker Calendar for my desk. What a cheerful way to mark the days. Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to SAturday and Animal Crackers! If I won the calendar, ervery day could be Animal Crackers. Thanks for the photos.


PaperSunshine said...

OH look at those puppies! So precious. Awww puppy breath :) The donkey pictures are great - when they lined up for carrots you get an idea of how many donkeys you really have. I would love a calendar! I love Shutterfly too - they do have great service and great products. Anyway pick me pick me LOL! :) Blessings for a wonderful 2012.
Lori K.

teepee said...

Michelle, would love, love, love to have a donkey calendar...thanks for sharing.

TA Carbone said...

Seeing the puppies make me miss my poohbear even more. I wish people would understand that single/widowed people who are disable a dog would make a good companion. Well that is wishful thinking at least. Now about the calendar I would love to win one so I can have animals crackers every day seeing them animals. Maybe next year you should take orders on who would like one as I would for sure get one


BA said...

lovely photos dear michelle
so cute puppies
see you soon
xxoo BA

Michelle VP said...

I look forward to your Animal Cracker posts every Saturday! And I was just thinking I still need to get a calendar to replace the 2011 one in my craft room - it would be wonderful to have one of your Animal Crackers Calendars in that spot! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed! {grin}

Diamond Doll said...

Awww those puppies are so darn cute i,d be tempted to keep them both i realy wouldn,t be able to let them go.Thanx for sharing the fab christmas pics Leticia is just adorable.
Hope you have a happy and properous new year.
Trish (-:

NinaN said...

The puppies are so cute! And so are those sweet donkeys!

I would love to win a calendar!

Niki said...

I'd love to have an Animal Crackers calendar. I so enjoy your blog and all your critters.

The carrot treats look like such fun. Love the pic with Leticia in the middle of the grown ups.

Thanks for the chance to win,

nrw745 at yahoo dot com