Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Cold but Beautiful Sunset

Hi- Thought I would give you a bit of update. Still crafting away for CHA. Oh I am telling you these new Stampavie images are totally awesome! I am in love. Wish I could give you a little sneak peek... I have one coming up next week though :0)

But for now I thought I would share a photo of the sunset tonight. I took the dogs out a little while ago just before it was totally dark. Looked to my right and saw the most amazing sunset. This really isn't nearly as gorgeous as it was. I had to run all the way through the house get my camera find my camera card and then run all the way back through the house. It was already much different, but still very pretty.
Had more purple in it when I first saw it. Funny how fast a sunset changes isn't it.

Updates on my sick babies here. Hubby is still just dying with his cold. Actually he is doing much better. No more fever, and now he is coughing, which we all know means it is on the downhill side. How long he will cough I don't know. I finally fell asleep last night with all his coughing going on, and he woke me to tell me he was coughing... LOL men.

Tuco the teeny tiny puppy. He is still so little, but he is really doing much better - here is a photo I took with my phone... Really cracks me up how BIG Ammo is. He looks like he is from a totally different litter! And Tuco is really the older brother.

I do feel better about Tuco though. He is eating more his "share". And is moving around and even dreaming. I don't know that means he is well, but to me when a puppy kicks and twitches in his sleep he is sleeping well and feeling better.

So now I'll go back to my crafting desk.... after I get Hubby another cup of hot tea -
HUGS and


Dee in N.H. said...

Gorgeous sunset! We are having a snowstorm so all I see is white! LOL!
Glad to see Tuco is doing well!!!

Michelle VP said...

Looks like it was a gorgeous sunset! So happy to hear your hubby and Tuco are both improving. :)

ednamburgess said...

Very beautiful. Great picture. Edna

Joanie Mc said...

Glad all is doing better. I want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy reading about all of your family. Thanks so very much for sharing.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Good grief, Ammo is a monster!!! Yes, I'm exaggerating :), but poor Tuco is so tiny. I hope he continues to get stronger, I'll keep sending him positive thoughts from across the Atlantic.
I'm glad Mr O is getting better too. Get him drinking lots of hot lemon with honey for that cough.
Your sunset photo is beautiful.

Lucy said...

glad to hear tuco is doing better :)

Carol Dee said...

Tiny Tuco is so lucky to have you caring for him. (So is you DH) Men sure can be funny babies when they get sick.
Love the sunset, thta shot almost looks like it was taken on the Serengeti !

Niki said...

Beautiful sunset, glad you shared.

So happy your boys are doing better. I hope they're both up and running around soon!