Saturday, January 28, 2012

The show opens in the morning

Well it is just about time, the booth is pretty much done. We were all totally wiped out and really wishing we could blink and be transported back to the hotel rather than having to walk. But if that had happened we would not have run into "him"

Yep Bev, Jing and I got to say hi to Tim Holtz. :0) tomorrow you won't be able to get within ten miles of him with all the people.

Oh and we got to spend most of the afternoon with Stampavies newest artist Suzi Blu! Totally love her! She is just too cute. Here we were taking a sit on a roll of carpet resting a bit.

Not sure what we were doing, she has been calling me Texas so maybe this was our pistols? You get really tired and a bit loopy after a while. LOL

More at some point tomorrow

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~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Hey hun, how cool! I wish you a lot of fun during the show today and the other days and plz remember to drink, eat and rest! I'm thinking of you and the rest of the team.

Jay Jay

Maryann said...

It sure looks like, you have a lot of fun, thoug also a lot of hard work, but boy it looks really great, and I can´t wait to see it all finished.
Have a wonderful time and a nice cold footbath at the end of the day, it makes wonders for sore feet, I can asure you.

Helen said...

Looks great. Enjoy yourself!

Dee in N.H. said...

Looks like fun Michelle! Enjoy and soak it all in for us!

Carol Dee said...

LOVE it. WOW Tim is like Royalty :) (Cute, too!) Looks like the fun is about to begin. You are doing great with the new technology updates, too :) Hugs...