Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animal Crackers - What is his is mine...

Yep... I do believe that Hubby has shared his illness with me. Wasn't that sweet of him. Oh well gotta keep going, some meds and I should be over it in a few days right?

Well the puppies turned a week old this week. I can't believe it has only been a week!! LONG week. But they are both doing great now.

How adorable is Tuco now that he has some meat on his bones...
 ok so it is only a little meat.. he is still very small but he makes up with lots of cuteness! I am just dying for those little eyes to open up!

The Big Guy.. Ammo - he is totally adorable as well, just in bigger format. I think he already has a bit of copper showing on his cheek... takes a few weeks before you really know if they are going have much copper coloring or not. But I bet he is gonna look a lot like his Daddy Autie.
Handsome man isn't he? Great Daddy too. He loves to lay just outside of the puppy box so he can see his two boys -
Before I headed outside, I thought I would show you Gato's newest spot. She LOVES the new chair from IKEA that is in the Living room. It is her spot. Now it helps that the dogs are not allowed in the Living Room, so she has total peace in there. LOL
Look how big Fuzzy Estella is getting. I just totally adore her "bangs". They are out of control!
Now little Sonia also really has some bangs issues. Heck she has just hair in general issues! She is really a long haired girl - totally matted too. The girl loves to roll in the leaves and dirt - But when you are that cute it is all ok.
Little Leticia came running over... me too me too - I am cute! Yes she is! But her hair is totally under control - LOL
And then my girl. Gabby Goo - She is spoiled rotten, all that time she lived in the back yard and the couple of days she spent in our bathroom when she was so sick. But not now - this girl is healthy and loves to run and play. She loves for me to kiss the end of her nose.... and as soon as I took this shot I did!

From all the babies... and adults -
HUGS! and have a great Saturday!


Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, I hope you recover quickly. Very generous of your hubby to share his cold with you - not. :)
I think Leticia snuck out to the hair salon when you weren't watching, she is way too neat & clean! :)
It's wonderful to see Gabby looking so healthy & gorgeous, now I need Tuco looking the same way. Come on little guy, you stay strong & don't let your brother take over.

Carol Dee said...

Do you think Tuco will stay on the small side in size and be a mini-mini? Golly he is cute, they all are. :)
I hate a cold. Take good care of yourself, and make DH wait on you like you did for him! Seems only fair. ;)

Heidi said...

Hello Michelle. I hope you are feeling better ♥
The photos are so sweet, lucky you with all this animals. Martine want them all "lol"

Hugs and love

Michelle VP said...

I love looking at your animal cracker photos every week! :) My favorite today is the last one of Gabby - what a great close-up of her face. Hope you recover quickly from cold - sorry hubby had to share that with you. :(