Saturday, July 2, 2016

Animal Crackers - Cool Off for the Holiday Weekend

Howdy -

Well this weekend is a holiday weekend. 4th of July here, not that we have huge plans for the day. Nice to stay home and just work on a few things around here. We have been on the go so much the last couple of weeks that home sounds nice. And my plans include inside things.... wow it has gotten warm (ok really HOT) here, that means time to find some shade and time to find ways to cool off!

 To fight off any heat issues with the chickens we have put the misters into effect. These were new additions to our chicken pens last year. I lost a couple of chickens to the heat and don't want that to happen again. So Hubby added misters that spray into the pens in the afternoons when it just gets unbearably hot. A few of the chickens walk around the mist and enjoy that the surrounding air has gone done a few degrees with the addition of the moisture. Then we have a few chickens that just simply enjoy standing in the middle of it and soaking down! That would be my choice!

Hubby is going to lower the misters a bit and add one more for the bantams pen. They get some of the misting but he would be happier if they had a little more. It is really amazing how much cooler it feels in that area. They do love it.

Snapped a shot of Spot and Jet talking... these guys just make me grin ear to ear!

 And they are so friendly it isn't even funny! Love them!

Found that the Guineas had claimed the largest shade under a tree in the pen. Poor goats have to find other shade.

 Yes the Guineas are the controlling personalities in the goat pen. They make sure they are always in control and where they want to be. Most all goats take wide paths and let them be. Now once in a while one of the girls with think just because they are bigger they should take the lead, but those wings come out and puff up, head stretches out and they chase that girl goat off and tell them no no no! LOL it is really quite funny to watch and hear!

May have solved a little question with Miss Chica...

 She has had an allergy or slight rash on her back end and belly that we have been fighting off and on. Lotions, Sprays, baths, changed food and was just not sure what was going on. She scratches like crazy and some days she is just raw, red and bumpy... well this afternoon I found her in the corner of their yard deep in the weeds. I think she is having an allergy to those weeds! Now maybe I can control it and maybe block off that section of the yard and see if she gets better. I hope!

She is a beautiful little girl isn't she :0)

And as we came back inside... Autie made it three feet in the door and plopped down and sighed....

 "Mom it is just TOO HOT OUT THERE!" I know.... time for another hair cut for my baby boy. We have been so busy just haven't had time, but this weekend it is a must for my boy! That long fur coat is too much this time of year. But the cool wood floors did cool him off... Ha! That and a little crushed ice!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned with family and or friends! Make sure to hug a furry friend too!

HUGS and


okienurse said...

it has been a strange year as far as weather goes hasn't it. My electric bill was half what it normally was for June but I bet July will make up for it! I love the two roosters…Spot is drop dead gorgeous. They look awesome together! Grandparents guineas were mean and vicious and would scare even the coyotes off. I bet the puppies are miserable with those long coats..but really beautiful! Have a happy 4th of July!

Lena's Creations said...

Those pups are just precious. Gorgeous coats! I hope you have finally found what is causing the allergic reaction on your furbaby. We had a similar situation and found that it was the tall grasses around the pool area. To make matters worse, our Maverick would lick the inside of his paw raw. Nothing would stop him, including a cone. He somehow managed to chew right through it. I eventually used lavender spray and it worked - calmed his itchies and since he doesn't like the smell, stopped his lickies too :-)
Love reading your stories about your animals.
Take care and stay cool.