Saturday, July 9, 2016

Animal Crackers - Cute

Howdy -

Now this face is so cute it doesn't even need words...

My boy Autie... he got his hair cut this week. I know doesn't look like we cut much, but trust me we cut tons off. I didn't want to chance him burning in the sun or being too chilly in the house in the air conditioning. And honestly, I love this length on him. His Puppy Cut. He needs another bath but he feels better with his shorter hair. And I just love this tilt and those deep brown eyes... just melt me.

Here is another cutie.. Miss Jackie. She still answers when I call out her name. 

She is such a pretty girl. Thinking she is ready to put on the breeding list now... Oh.. her and Doc would make some beautiful babies.

Rhett was talking as well yesterday afternoon...

She always looks like she is just getting up from a nap or really needs a nap... LOL She has slicked off and really has some stunning colors.

 Hubby and I drove up to the front pen and pasture. Yes drove... Hey it was 100 degrees... and I was in my nice sandles... LOL Anyway we found Cocoa chilin' under the red oak.

Now the shade was moving and it was about time for her to take a few steps forward to stay in the shade, but she was happy. And yes, we do know she is a bit "heavy"... all she gets is grass folks. I told you just greens wasn't always the best skinny diet. LOL

 We visited the guys in the front pen. They have lots of trees in their pasture to have shade. But today it seems they were enjoying a small tree on the edge of the fence. Diego and Patricio were enjoying the grass on the other side of the fence... it is always better you know.

Close up of my baby Diego...

Alright so he is over 10 now, but this guy will always be my special boy. My first baby. He has really slicked off this summer and looks so good. This boy is a love too. He adores attention. Ok... most all my kids do... LOL

Hope you got a smile again this week. Love sharing my "children" with you -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Yep, I always love seeing your *Children* they are precious. Love the Autie photo. Rhett has some really pretty coloration and marking.

okienurse said...

some really cute pictures of the 'babies' this week. Your comment regarding moving with the shade got me to laughing. I was driving across Texas a couple of weeks ago and along side the road was cows lined up in the shade of the telephone poles. It was hot so I hope they found a tree to get under. Have a great week. Vickie

Lena's Creations said...

Such sweet photos of some of your "babies". Thank you for sharing :-)
Have a wonderful weekend.