Saturday, July 30, 2016

Animal Crackers - Gobble Gobble Gobble

Howdy -

This week you will have to allow me to get excited over seeing a few feathered friends yesterday....

 Hubby and I were on our way home from the feed store yesterday and I screamed to stop just before our road.... Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!

It was a large group of young turkeys!! All different colors - I was facinated with the white one. Never seen a white one in the wild. Maybe he was a generation of some escaped turkey long ago? Not sure. But he was pretty. It was a bunch of them and all though they weren't super skittish, I zoomed in as much as I could so they wouldn't jump up and run into the brush. Some of them were so comfortable lounging in the sun, so didn't want disturb them. Sooooo fun to see!!

One more just cuz they are fun!

Now I think I have been whining a bunch the last few weeks about heat and it getting really dry here... Well feast or famine!

This is our driveway and field next to it.  And this is our front pasture...

In three days time we got right at 6 inches. Love it! I know it sounds crazy but after only one day I think things are greener!! Happy animals around here!

Now speaking of happy... I got a little bit of a smile caught in a photograph of Moxie. Cracks me up that this girl will smile at me!

 Isn't her biggest smile, she really shows teeth when she is smiling. But I just can't capture it with a photo! She sees the camera and bam... smile is gone!

Now this one made me smile!

I had to zoom a ways here too... if I walked too close they would all run at me for head scratches and attention. These goats are way too funny... you see "we" don't want to get our feet wet on this barely soggy ground under their hut. And we don't want to stand out in the sun... so they guys pushed their spool under the hut! Now in reality they were probably just butting heads with it and it ended up under there totally by accident, but I like to think they thought the whole plan out and worked out a solution to their soggy feet! LOL

One last photo... My girl Gato -

 She is so tough sometimes to get photos that shows off her big green eyes. Well here she didn't blink!

Love this kitty...

Hope you got a smile this week! Gobble Gobble!
HUGS and


Lena's Creations said...

Gato is beautiful and her green eyes are gorgeous. I think you're right, those goats are way to smart - they figure the entire plan out :-) Thank you for photos and for sharing a little bit of your animals with us. Glad you got some rain - we did too but it didn't help with the heat one bit. Not that I'm complaining - I much prefer summer heat to winter cold :-) Have a wonderful week.

Carol Dee said...

I am SMILING :) :) :) Love Gato's big green eyes. Such a beautiful cat. Smart goats, I do not like wet feet either. LOL