Saturday, July 16, 2016

Animal Crackers - Selfies

Howdy -

Well this week Hubby has stepped in as guest photographer. LOL Last week I made the statement that my all time favorite photo of the year  is the selfie he took a while back of him with "baby" Sebastian. The next day my phone starts dinging with messages...

Now first of all I am sure he is going to give me that look... the one that says "oh Michelle, these were not for the world these were to make you smile." But seriously... they made me smile so big I just have to share them with the world right?

So first is showing young Sebastian again ... he is such a teenager now! I can't believe he is 4 months old! And like any teenager Hubby had a hard time getting a decent photo of the constantly moving little boy. Ha... he actually said he took a whole bunch of photos just to send me the ones he did send. I have always said... it isn't easy getting great shots of animals... selfies I can imagine add another step of difficulty!

While he was out there he decided to get some photos with some of the ladies as well...

Darlene was the calmest - old and steady you know... Darlene... not Hubby ;0)

Our oldest Donkey and she is looking so beautiful! A little mo-hawk going on there but still beautiful!

Then Irene wanted a little photo op with "Dad"

She is such a sweet girl. Like her Mom Patti she is a bit larger than most of the other miniatures, but we will breed her with Raffie and he is so small we hope we will get a smaller baby. Really wanted to put her in this last spring. With work and then hail damage and life we missed our window, now it is just simply too hot. So Fall it will be! Looking forward to that combination of spots!

Then our sweet Jazz got a snap and her shot with "Dad"

I adore Miss Jazz. We had so many issues years back when we purchased her, had problems with her past of bad breeding and very bad births. So we were very worried about her having babies for us. But with care, proper health care and good breeding she had given us some stunning babies all with no problems. She is one of our older ladies now, but I think she might still have a baby or two before she is retired with Darlene. She is such a stunning reddish brown color and her babies have her same sweet personality and calm but pushy friendliness.

Not too many photos this week but these four gave me such joy I just had to share them all on their own. Maybe I should see about selfies with the goats and chickens too? LOL

Hope they made you giggle and smile - and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend with friends, family and furry too!
HUGS and


PaperSunshine said...

Cute pics! Your hubby has a good heart. He is a good sport too! Thansk for sharing these! I hope you and the animals keep cool ths coming week, yikes, 100's! Blessings 😃

Lori K.

okienurse said...

great pictures this week…tell hubby to quit being so negative. I think he takes great pictures. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

I am loving todays post. Great job from DH and the kids. Too sweet. Yep, I smiled. :)

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

I always love the donkey pictures! Tell your hubby I said thank you, and please keep them coming!!! I'm all smiles :-D

Lena's Creations said...

Oh how fun! Your DH must abound in patience and perseverance, but he got some great pics :-)
Have a wonderful week!
Lena’s Creations