Saturday, February 9, 2013

Animal Crackers - Bye Bye Cleatus

Howdy - yes... we said goodbye to Cleatus this week. It was harder than I thought, but it was the best. I had an email about a little boy goat. I told her about all my little boys... then I mentioned Cleatus. Once she saw his photo that was it. Oh.. and her son and daughter-in-law left a deposit on Alex, LaVerne and Leiah... they were not quite ready for them yet. They will get them in a few weeks.

Now I won't lie.. I wasn't sure about their home made trailer, but Hubby looked it over and they were just going down the road a little way and it would be ok.

He is one stunning man isn't he? I am sure they will have some gorgeous babies from him. I hated to sell him, he was actually taming down now that we moved him away from Peso. But we have too much of his bloodline. Frank is his Daddy... so about 1/2 of our ladies are sisters. So it was best to let someone else get those gorgeous looks to pass down.

All the other photos this week are from the last two weeks... I got home after the sun went down and didn't get to snap new shots. But I had some great ones I didn't show off so it is all good right?

Ellie Mae - Our screamer, she depresses me when I think about her. She is so pretty and has a great blood line and I would LOVE it if she passed down her scream... but she has never been able to get pregnant. Maybe one day she will surprise us. I HOPE and PRAY for that.

She has gorgeous eyes - and her ears are like velvet. And do love the sun behind her or what? Love how that shot came out!

Took one of Raffie about that same time. My Stud - My Smiling Donkey!

Poor guy... yes we are still on population control around here. And that means that Raffie has to be in a pen all on his own. The life of a Jack is not always fun you know.  But as long as you make it by his pen for some hugs and lovin' then he is ok with it. Well maybe not OK.. but he deals with it. LOL Handsome guy -

Thought this shot of Paintbrush and her daughter Olive was too cute.

Paintbrush has been retired. No planned breedings anymore. Last two were too scary. She seems to have a kink or something and one baby has gotten stuck each of her last two deliveries. The last one nearly killed her too. So Olive is all that is left of kids for her. She had two brothers... we sold both of them as soon as the ad went up. They were both stunning - Popeye lives around the corner so we see him out grazing from time to time. Olive is grown, but is still very small compared to the others the same age. That is ok, it keeps her as a little girl for Paintbrush...

Now here is one from these last kids... this one was on my for sale list and just yesterday Hubby and I decided we just really didn't want to sell her.

Jennifer is just so pretty - her coloring is so different from all the others we have had. She is a sweetheart too :0) Not an in your lap obnoxious one like a few, little skittish, but curious and lets you love on her once you have her. She will warm up and loose the skittish I think. She is a pretty little thing isn't she?

Now this is brave.. or stupid. LOL I wanted to show you guys that I really have been buried in getting ready for this show and the boxes from the estate I am selling.

This is what once was called my living room. The last few months it is more like a storage and prep room for antique shows. But honestly this is the most we have ever brought in to sort through. These boxes are full of dolls of all kinds... and gorgeous vintage clothes... and vintage posters from theater plays... books.... doll furniture... antiques... between the estate and all that we have been gathering up for the Spring Shows - well there is a lot here folks!  Today it looks a little different. A tiny bit more sorted. And we have a bunch out for the Doll show we are doing today. I wanted to snap a photo of our booth last night before we left to come home. But we didn't quite finish it - so I'll hopefully remember once we are done this morning before the show opens to snap one to show you. It is our first "Doll Show" and already I am seeing that it is a bit different atmosphere than doing an antique show. There are lots of great old dolls at the show.. but there is also a lot of modern and art dolls. Some of them are so real looking they kind of freak me out a bit. LOL I told Hubby that and he didn't get it. Then we passed a table with one of the real looking babies on it, he just turned and looked at me and shook his head.... seriously freaky! Looks like tables and shelves of live babies... they are VERY realistic.

Now better run - we have to be there early to finish setting up and pricing. Hope you have something fun planned today!

HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

Good morning from the UK, when saw th title of your post, I nearly had a heart attack. I thought something had happened to Cleatus. Then I was both relieved & sad when I realised he's gone to a new family. I hope they keep you posted as to his new life.
Love the pics of Raffie & Jennifer & Paintbrush & Olive are beautiful.
Good luck for the show today. If I was there, I would definitely avoid the table with the doll babies, they creep me out.

Carol Dee said...

Love the sweet pic of Jennifer. Cletus is a really handsome boy. (I am sure they will be happy with him.) Have a fun weekend at the Doll sale. Hope your sales are plenty full.

Donna said...

Oh, even I hate to see any of your donkeys go! It is so sad to see Cleatus driving away. You have to be a very strong person to raise them, love them and then let them go. Well, I guess it is like having children; but, with children, they always come back!

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, it has been some time since I came by (have been seriously ill) and of course I have missed animal crackers. It is sad to see cleatus go, but I am sure you have made sure that he will get a new and very loving home. Love the pictures of this crackers; they are really gorgeous. Hugs, Helen

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