Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Monday... Showing off some of the Estate

Wow So much to do this week. I feel as if last week was some kind of void. A Blur. Just a large Swirl of nothing. OH wait it was I was sick and on all kinds of over the counter cold medicine and then Hubby got it and lord knows he had it SO MUCH WORSE than I ever thought about. So the entire week was nothing but runs for more cold meds, kleenex, and coughing. Ok... so looks like the coughing will be sticking around into this week but I feel human again, have halls drops on hand, and we have a huge antique show this coming weekend so there is no time for any dilly dollying around!! (Grandma use to say that to me all the time :0) She would love me using it now LOL)

So lets see this week we are packing up things for the show, hopefully having time to price them and inventory them before the packing this time. I hate sitting in the booth doing that before the show starts. Most everything is already priced and done so it is just the new late additions to be done and I think I can handle it.

Then I am also trying to keep up with listing on Ebay and the Estate items. WOWSER! Things are selling well there! If only I could go back in time and save all those odd, weird dolls from my childhood!! Who would have thought that a six million dollar man doll would be worth more than $50.00. At least that is where it is now... hasn't closed yet.

And yes we have made him run while making the slow motion music... LOL

The fashions have been a real joy for me. I have had a blast pulling things out of the box and drooling all over them. The hats have just been way too much fun!!

Here are four that I have listed right now "for easter" - hey they are all pastel colors so it is a marketing theme ok?

I love hats - never wear them but love them! There are a couple in this collection that I may just have to set aside and buy myself then make sure and wear - They are so soft and fit me perfectly.

And the clothes... sigh... I try on all the hats... but the clothes - we won't even go into how small they are! It is so for sure that people back then did not have M&M's, Hershey's Cordial Cherry Kissses and drink Coke!

But then I found this little gem in a box. She is on right now - If only I had a few hundred of these little Pez things...

The Donkeys would eat Premium Hay like royalty I tell you! Little Orphan Annie would not have to worry about Daddy Warbucks adopting her if she knew what her Pez containers were going to be selling for! LOL

Now I am going to go and get to digging in a box - My own little treasure hunt! I'll keep sharing some of what I find :0) Things are just to cool to not show off!! If you want to follow the fun and my auctions the link to my Ebay store is top of my bar to the left.

Have a great Monday - see you tomorrow for High Hopes Challenge!
Donkey HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

I love hats and occasionally even wear one! The little orphan annie pez dispenser is a great find. Good Luck. (Now I am off to your ebay site to see if there is anything I can NOT live without! )

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Ann said...

Love the new look of your blog. Love the animal pic's and enjoy seeing all your "FINDS"