Saturday, February 2, 2013

Animal Crackers - Loving the weather!

Howdy! I don't know what the weather is like where you are - but the past few days here have been absolutely gorgeous! And all the animals are really enjoying it! Not to hot, Not to Cold and just a tiny bit of a nice breeze. Yep that was exactly what it was like yesterday afternoon when I went out to get some hugs and snap a few photos.

First I caught "Dad" (Hubby) loving on Marissa. They love face rubs. But I love the look on Marissa's face! "Uh hello...DAD... Mom is taking my photo, I need to smile here!"  LOL

But she stayed still and enjoyed all the face rubs and hugs -

I turned around and found that Peso was posing and enjoying the sun and breeze.

The boys all love to perch up on their huts and watch over all of the goats. It is their mountain top I guess. Each of the "men" have the same hut. We wouldn't want one of them to have a larger hut and be higher up would we?

I looked two feet to my right and...

And my shadow was right there with me. LOL Ted was following me from pen to pen. Not that they are showing off to everyone that they have the freedom to do that or anything. But I guess here his head was getting heavy, so he was leaning on the fence to rest. He has more personality than he knows what to do with... LOL

Found a few of the mini's just standing and enjoying the sun.

Toffee actually is the neighbors that we are sitting for. Him and Coffee "Ears".  But it seems as if for the past week or so that Toffee isn't the normal shadow of Coffee like he is 24/7, nope we have noticed that he has left his buddy and has been spending all of his time hanging with Lina and Gloria. I think he has a crush on one of the girls.. heck maybe both :0)

Snapped a quick photo of Lady Di standing with her Mom Lucy. Now that they are over 2 months old they are advertised and many of the babies are for sale. But we just are not getting the calls like normal. We are off a little this time I think. Just a bit early... its ok with me though. Oh I know I have to sell some of the kids, but honestly this time I just am having a hard time deciding who out of the girls.

We usually pick a handful of the best gals to keep for breeding in the future. And this time it isn't easy to decide, boys yes.... I am drilled that lecture all the time. Boys need to go. But with girls this time they each have a little special look to them. And in reality they are just now starting to show some of their true coloring. Lady Di was mostly white at birth... and look at her now! She is really starting to turn into a looker isn't she? Love that spot on her nose.. LOL

Miss. Belle. She is our Mom that almost didn't make it if your remember. She had a really tough birthing, really horrible. And we think that she may have had a bit of a stroke - she is doing great and seems healthy and does well. But once  in a while you just see this look.

A look as if there may be just one or two screws loose. It is all ok though. We love her to pieces and she has warmed up to us and actually loves attention now. Pretty little lady - and she has her Dad's beautiful ice blue eyes. Love that.

Speaking of blue eyes... or eye.

Tuco or any of the dogs wouldn't stand still at all for photos this week. They too were enjoying the sun and the cool breeze. Running all over the yard - barking and letting everyone in any direction know that they were outside. Just as Tuco was passing in front of me I called his name and for once in about 3 million photos I have tried to get a good photo of him passing by looking up... I finally snapped just perfectly and got him looking up and smiling at me. That handsome face, wonderful smile and those great eyes.. one blue and one brown. One from Mom and One from Dad. This guy honestly is 50/50 of both in all ways :0) And we totally love that!

One more this week - You may have remembered a few weeks back I snapped a photo of Gato in one of the little doll beds that I had purchased to resell. A sweet little wood bed that was almost too small for her. Well it is her bed and she loves it, no I didn't sell it. I just couldn't take it from her. But now....

 Well I found the fabulous antique Brass Doll bed. It is big - and had a nice mattress, with sheets, a blanket and a pretty little quilt and matching pillow.  Yes.. Guess who is thinking that it was another purchase just for her. LOL Sorry Gato... this one cost me a little more so it is for sure going to the next antique show for sale! She is so funny... there are actually three beds in the living room right now. Her original - the huge brass one and then one iron bed that happens to be right in the middle in size. We have been calling her our little Goldilocks - she moves from bed to bed, enjoying each of them. But for her long slumbers she always goes back to her original little bed.

So whats up in your day? Us... blah.. grocery store, then home for some much needed chores. Average blah stuff - thats ok, it is a weekend at home and that part we will enjoy. I think I will try this afternoon to spend some time sitting out in the goat pens... enjoying the kids and bonding :0) Hope you have a fun day planned -

HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

If I were thinking of starting a new business, this would be top of the 'DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT' list. Because I would not be able to sell a single animal. :) I don't envy you having to decide which of those gorgeous creatures goes to a new home. Thanks for sharing such great photos - especially the one of Gato on that beautiful bed. She's obviously your professional bed tester & has very high standards.
Have a great weekend.

Martinas Welt said...

Oh what lovely weather you are having! Here we had loads of snow and this week it went warm...a bit over 0° and all the snow melts...and now it is we have too much water all here around....even on meafows and on the streets...:(
Love the photos of your little one's and your bed-tester Gato =) LOL And what a pic of Belle, hee, hee ;)
Your Animal Saturday is always a must look to me every week!!
Rainy greetings from Austria

Carol Dee said...

I do not thinkI could part with any of them! They are all so adorable/pretty/handsome/funny/sweet..... You caught a great shot showing Tuco's eyes. He sure is a handsome boy. The 1st pick with Dad and Marrissa is priceless, so sweet.
We are really cold here. Several mornings below freezing and windy (wind chills of -25.) brrr . It is to be a balmy 20 today :0) I have laundry and dishes to do. House is a complete mess, so I need to pick up and go for groceries and a haircut. Ahhhh Saturday!
Have a wonderful weekend, hugs....

Marilyn said...

Great pics Michelle and every single one of them shows personality. That photo of Belle just cracks me up and then when I read your description, yeah...
The one of Peso is also perfect... king of the castle!

Ellie Maggie said...

Oh sweet Belle, bless won't sell her will you? No please don't, she does look a sandwich short of a full picnic in that photo but vulnerable too. I love her. Has Gato been outside to see the Cat House and what does he think of it? All this weeks photos are adorable, love Ted.E Bear. Restful day for us, doing laundry and hospital visit later. Card making tomorrow, yay!
E.M x

Anonymous said...

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