Sunday, February 17, 2013

Me and My Space - A Doll Show??

Howdy - and Yes... last weekend we did a one day Doll Show in a town near home. We were asked to it at one of the Antique Shows we were doing. I wasn't too sure about it. We do have lots of antique dolls but we are mostly about toys... but they asked us right? And then I contracted to sell this large Estate... and talk about DoLLS! Wowser. And this collection has a lot of dolls that I am not really too familiar with. Or at least I wasn't... Hubby and I both have learned a ton about them the past few weeks. LOL Scary how much Hubby as learned... HA!  Anyway we talked and decided with the Estate we should really try the Doll Show.

Here is our "booth" - Not our normal set up. No screens, or fancy set up. It was only for one day so no time. But I think it turned out ok.

Right Side

This is a mix of my Antiques and the Estates Collectibles and "Fashion Dolls" those are all new to us. Huge following of them, though.

Other side of the booth.

oops.. should have taken our drinks away for the photo huh?
Here is a close up of something in the Estate that I just adore...
Lenci Dolls -

I have been rambling to Hubby for over a  year now wanting one of these dolls. An older 300 series is what I have been drooling over in books and online. Those two on top.. those are later Lenci. 1980's. Lenci's are all felt. And have painted faces, a trademark is the eyes that look to one side. The two on either side on the bottom.. those are mid years. I think one is 40's and the other late 60's... can't remember now. They are both pretty and really sought after.  But see that young man in the middle... yes... him... that soft vintage school boy. He is a 300 series. Yep.. the very one. But I talked it over with Hubby and we have him priced - a fair but good price. If he sells in the next month or so, then that was what was suppose to happen. If he doesn't.......... well we will wait and see :0)

Now I guess you are wanting to know how the show went. It was ok. Not great, but not a total wash out.  I will say... we did find a few really awesome dolls while there. A few to sell in our next shows, and a couple that may just have to stay at home... I'll try and show them off once they are cleaned up and ready to show.

OH.. you want to see things from the Estate that I am selling... everything is going on Ebay as much as I can each week. My store is HERE - it is fun to watch some of the items. And just wait to you see some of the fabulous vintage fashions... stunning.

Yesterday I teased about something new... how great is this!!!

Hubby has some tomatoes, strawberries and a few herbs in some head start pots. He has an above ground garden in the works out in a fenced off section behind the goat pen. But it is still just a bit chilly to plant out there. So for now they are protected against the house - out of the north wind but lots of sun. I am so excited. We have wanted to do a garden since moving out here 10 years ago. But with the business and Hubby working such long hours in the Spring it just didn't seem enough time. But now.. we are gonna have some yummy veggies and other good treats! OH I can't wait!!!

So do you have a garden? What do you grow and look forward to most? We will add to it once it warms up, but the head start on a few thing sure will be nice!

Have a wonderful Sunday... we have a day at  home planned... wonderful!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Nice to see the dolls, My Mom once had a rather large number of storybook dolls. I have no idea where they went!
Yes we garden, A VERY large one. Small orchard (apples and pears), grapes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, potaotes, tomatoes, peppers, melons, cucumbers, beans, peas, okra, mint, cut flowers, asperagus, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, egg plant, spinach, lettuce, turnips, onions (tried carrots and parsnips, no luck.) and rhubarb. OH. I am sure I am forgetting something. DH is adding more raised beds and hoping to try some more stuff. I think the only thing we do not grow is sweet corn as the racoons and deer would get more that we would! Sure hope our summer is not as dry and hot as last year. We have to haul water 3 miles to the garden site!