Sunday, February 24, 2013

Me and My Space - "I'd like to introduce you to my little friend..."

I thought it might be time to introduce you to my little friend... my weekly fear... Depending on the week I have had the names for this friend go from nice to really not so nice.

Yep this is the Dr.'s Scale. Every week I go in and take off my jacket, put my purse down, shoes come off and then I step on. Believe me if this thing wasn't in the hallway of her office I would strip off more some weeks. But I want to keep some composure and not look like I am totally desperate to see a lower number each week.

Things go well for a while. On average I loose 1-2 pounds each week. But then after a few weeks. I hit a "plateau" - I am there right now.

I have been bouncing around 55 lbs. now for a few weeks. I loose a couple, then gain one. Stay the same, them gain... it is so frustrating! I told Hubby this coming week we are really hitting it hard. More water! More Veggies! More Fruit! SALADS! Chicken! Fish! No hamburgers - No Nachos - No Pizza this week. Yes I do have all of those once in a while. This is not a diet... it is a life change for me. Moderation is the word. I even have chocolate. Limit myself to a just a few hershey's kisses... yes that is just few and then stop. Not three in my mouth at a time, then the entire bag. This week I am ready to kick start things again - more walking! And more water! I am ready!!!!!!

And then... those monsters that attack you in front of every store are out! NOOOO not now I have the right frame of mind, I am motivated.... NOT NOW!!!!!!

...........It is Girl Scout Cookie time here. And those sweet little faces are EVERYWHERE!! So I caved. Hubby got his favorites and I got one box of the fudge covered peanut butter ones, the ones I make do with since they no longer sell my favorites from when I was a kid. Those yummy FUDGE ones! MMM.. Anyway my box is gone now, I did take three days to eat them all. Hey there isn't very many in those boxes anymore. Instead of the old me where I had a box for dinner once. Ok more than once probably.

Hubby ran into them again yesterday - I was actually kind of relieved when he came back to the truck with only those horrible nasty coconut ones. Whew... won't touch those with a ten foot fork! So I am safe. He has his cookies for desert last night - I had strawberries :0)

Watch out 60lbs!


crafty lynn said...

Your not just 55lbs are you, hope Im reading that wrong, Im 133lbs (9st 13lb) trying to get to 9st.

Kittie said...

It's not what happens day by day but what happens over the long haul, Michelle. I am right there with you. I had bariatric surgery 11 years ago and lost 125lbs. I have managed to keep 95 of those pounds off but I do battle with the same 15 or 20 lbs up and down all the time. I have joined Weight Watchers online again for about the 100th time and am recording my food. Get a diary and log your food every day. It really does help to see it in black and white. Hugs! I think you should feel darned proud of losing 55 pounds. That is a huge accomplishment.

Carol Dee said...

You are doing great. :) I also was trying to change my eating habits and live healthier. Many fits and starts since Jan 1st. A VERY small weight loss. I will do good all week and BLOW it on weekends. But do not plan to throw in the towel. I MUST do something as I weigh 2X what i did when I got married. :( Keep up the good work, do not get discouraged. hugs...

Diane.W. said...

Well done Michelle,you are doing amazing.I bet you feel better for losing the weight too.
Many years ago I lost 8 stone & it's a constant battle,up & down.
Keep up the good work :) x

Dianne said...

Your so funny I adore you, well I too am on a losing gig if we can call it that but I will be swimming 4 times a week hoping this will help.Good luck to you and I'll be back every day, your blog just makes me feel good thanks for that Michelle..