Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage Finds- Bold and Bright from the Estate

Howdy - well I meant to have this post up yesterday. But I was moving slow and not in a hurry to accomplish much. Guess to much on the go after being sick both Hubby and I had a recoop day after our weekend show. I worked on mailings. A little start of some crafty items and then got a few things listed on Ebay from the Estate I am working with. Now the laundry and house cleaning. Hey I made sure we both had something to wear for a day or so more and had enough towels - so I just let it go one more day, and the house would just get dirty again... LOL Today I have to get to some house cleaning. Sigh... but before that I thought I would show off a few Bold and Bright items. And maybe a flash back or two?

Starting to get into the fashion boxes - and WOW impressive gorgeous things. A few different and odd, and then some that just blow me away. This is one that did that - I listed it last night - so we will see if anyone else is blown away -

This is an original 1960's Emilio Pucci velour pants outfit. Totally rad or what? I think I told you last week how much fun I have been having trying on all the hats - well in my wildest dreams and all the dieting in the world and I couldn't fit into any of these clothes. Hubby might be happy about that as I think a few I would love to wear.  Everything is size super model. This outfit is marked as a size 10... or a today size 2-4. The waist is barely 24 inches. But Emilio must have liked shapely women as the hips is about a 36-38... and the bust matches... LOL Coke bottle shape is what Hubby would say - Can't wait to see what this outfit brings.

But back into the dolls - Nano Nano -

 Yes - it is a Mork from Ork doll. He is wearing a back pack that has a pull string - and yes it still works and all the classic Mork from Ork saying garble out. Too funny. As a kid we (my Dad and I) never missed Mork and Mindy - I know dorky... but Dad and I loved all the dorky shows. So you need something more cool?

Well I am all "Shook up" -

Told you all kinds of dolls in this collection - and if you have a Mork Doll... then Elvis must be the opposite end to cool. Love when they still have their boxes! He is a real looker isn't he?

Then something a bit more classic and formal - Love this -

A Madame Alexander Elise Bride doll from the mid 1950's. She is so gorgeous. And so much like the doll from my Grandma. I love my doll and was always amazed that she still had her hose and earrings. But this Elise doll has her brides bouquet and her head dress and veil. Now she had a bit of loose arms and legs when I pulled her from the box. But Hubby has become an expert Doll hospital Dr. and now that we have gotten him all the supplies he is pretty darn good and restringing the dolls with all the correct elastics to keep her as original as possible. Isn't she a pretty bride? Love these early Madame Alexanders.

We are having so much fun with the items coming out of the boxes - and learning so much about things we never would have even looked at before... LOL... Hubby knows more about brands of dolls that he would rather not know. But hey that is the business! I'll show more off next week -

I will do my best to be back tomorrow with something crafty to show off.... have a couple of things started, just need to clean the doll hospital off my desk and find my cards!

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

T.V. sure is not as fun as it was *back then* LOL.
LOVE the Bride Doll, I once had one very much like her. Long Gone as she was played with and worn to peices. (Or little bro destroyed more than one doll.) :( Oh-Well
LOVE the fun pant suit. YEP wishing I had that coke bottle figure.
Have a terrific Tuesday.