Saturday, August 17, 2013

Animal Crackers - Got Yogurt??

Howdy -

One of those HOT weeks here again. REALLY HOT! We did get some rain early in the week... but then the heat sucked it all up and it was horrible here past few days.

I took out a cool treat for the chickens the other day. Helps cool them down and give them some vitamins. A plate of plain yogurt. I know spoiled aren't they? But honestly it is good for them and cheaper than buying "Chicken treats" And well... they love it and it is hysterical watching them dig in and sling it everywhere. LOL

They do love it and yes it ends up everywhere too... on them the ground the hut and me if I am standing to close. The reds always get to eat first then the Wyandottes... pecking order you know. 

Here is my "Got Yogurt??" photo... 

Remember those Got Milk advertisements?  Now we have Got Yogurt?? But is this yogurt on the lips? Or do chickens have lips? Guess we won't go there... then we would for sure end up somewhere like which came first chicken or egg... 

Hubby got a great photo this last week... it is one of my favorites now - 

They have an entire pasture to walk over to us... but they ALWAYS follow one or another it is the greatest thing to see them coming across the field this way and all the way up to us. Then they bunch up and push and shove for the front to get their lovings. 

Girls weren't sure they wanted to come out of the shed into the sun yesterday afternoon for photos. 

It was really hot though so I don't blame them. But Sonia decided it was worth it... 

She actually had started over before got to the fence. She was coming for a drink of water then decided to make sure I didn't have anything good to eat. She settled for some private time loving. This angle sure does make her face look long and man those ears! LOL 

Pavo and Sergio was keeping a really close eye on me while I was loving on Sonia... just in case I took out something to eat... Pavo actually doesn't need to many treats.... he is a "big boy" 

Just like his older brother Diego. It happens to geldings. Once you fix them they put on the weight. But it is ok, we still love him. And we try to keep an eye on him and not let him gain too much..... 

Food??? Do you have food???

 No Belle no need to actually come out of the hut into the sun. I have nothing to eat for you.... LOL

That is it this week. Was just not a good photo week for some of the animals. I tried to get dogs and they just didn't come out well. Hopefully next week -

So what is on your weekend schedule? Work here. Have a doll show coming up, so getting ready for that and Hubby has been doing lots outside. Too hot for me, I'll work inside. Whew.

Have a great day-
HUGS and


BethW said...

I think it was a great week! Love the shot of the hens and their yogurt.And the troops coming to great you in a line is hilarious. Guess we got all your rain this week.More than welling to trade off!

Anonymous said...

The photo of Belle made me laugh out loud, as did the one of the chickens enjoying their yogurt treat - I never knew chickens liked yogurt! Great shots of the donkeys, love the one of them coming across the field & I can see Sonia's eyelashes in the pic of her!! She's a very pretty girl.
Have a great weekend.

Marilyn said...

Great pics, all of them but I love the one of Belle peeking out. Who knew chickens ate yogurt? Can't stand the stuff myself but I hnestly didn't know they liked it.

Carol Dee said...

Sonia is beautiful and Belle is really cute! Who'd a thought, chickens like yogurt? Fun post. hugs...

Ellie Maggie said...

The wide angle photo is gorgeous, mind you, it did remind me of the elephants trundling along in Jungle Book! So sweet. I love Sonia's tuft of hair, makes her look so cute. The best one of all for me is Belle, hilarious, I just had to laugh out loud for that one! Such a funny posting this week Michelle, especially the 'pecking order' pun Lol.
Have a great week,
Ellie Maggie x