Saturday, August 3, 2013

Animal Crackers -Only thing you can do is take a nap -

Howdy -

Only thing you can do around here in the afternoon is take a nap! That is about how we all are around here lately. Hubby is now at the point of only working outside early in the morning and then later in the evening. Just too darn hot out there!!

Jazz was taking advantage of the shade of the big oak tree and taking a little nap herself.

 Macey was also taking refuge under a tree...

Would love to say in some fabulous fancy flowers... but these are weeds.. LOL Still kind of pretty in a bunch, but a pain to get rid of. In fact it is such a horrible shame, but I can't get anywhere near them. So no helping pull or mow them for me. I have some reaction to them and get nasty blisters when they touch me. So Hubby has to deal with them all on his own.. darn I SO wish I could help pull weeds.. :0)

Passed back through the backyard... had to put the dogs in before I went over to the other pens. Just hot for them and they get to panting to hard, go inside and drink till they gag, and honestly STINK! So they don't get long periods outside in the afternoons.

Yes as cute as Chica is too long out in the back yard and this girl is just stinky.

Rhett was trying hard to get my attention...

One day of taking out some stale homemade oatmeal cookies last week and this girl is a moocher forever! She didn't mind that the cookies had gotten hard - All the goats and honestly only about 4 or 5 of them like cookies - Odd.. but Rhett is ok with that - it just means more for her! 

We found a long old water pipe out behind the barn... Chicken pen pole now! Since this is stronger than my old tree limbs we hung it a bit higher off the ground for the chickens... they love it early in the morning and late in the evening - up in the breeze - 

Didn't take them but a few minutes to try it out - 

Love this shot... look how they are all stretched out and looking around. Since higher up they can see farther and see all the donkeys out in the pasture. 

One more photo... Last Saturday afternoon Hubby was out trimming the tree on one side of the house. Was rubbing on the roof and was starting to "block" the satellite. So needed a trim. Hubby would love to cut it down and plant other things. But if he did my craft room and the bedroom would jump 20 degrees in the afternoons - so it stays. Anyway back to the story... he was trimming and called me out and "bring your camera" - normally this means I found a really cool bug, the donkeys are doing something cute, or there is a bird that would make a great photo. NOPE none of the those... this is what he wanted me to "snap" a photo of - - - - - 

 And he let me walk under the tree to get over to the side he was on!!! Ok, so it is just a "rat snake" not dangerous... but HELLLOOO it is a SNAKE. I guess due to the heat he had gone to a cooler place up in the tree. We watched him for a while, and then he started telling me about the area and what he had planned and what he wanted to plant on that side of the house, when we turned around and looked back up... he was gone!! So I left right away and went inside!! My Momma didn't raise no fool! He stayed out and finished the tree, said that he was gone due to all the noise and movement. Uh.. taking no chances I left.

So what is the weather like where you are? I would love to take off and vacation somewhere where it isn't 100 degrees... but I couldn't leave my children to deal with it - so here we are. Watering twice a day and keeping close watch on everyone.

Got LOTS planned for post this week... so pop back often ok?
HUGS and -


Anonymous said...

It's been in the 80s here for the last few weeks, which is probably nothing to you, but the humidity is horrible & I'm living on about two hours sleep a night. It probably won't be long before we're complaining about the cold.... :)
Wonderful photos, love the one of the chickens stretching their wings - aren't they gorgeous?
Must admit, I'd get quite a shock if I looked up at the tree in m garden & saw a snake!
Have a great weekend.

Ellie Maggie said...

Sweet Jazz and Macey look so cool in the shade. You wouldn't see me for dust if I saw a snake!! The chickens colours are beautiful now aren't they? They look very happy up high too.
It's been hot in UK through July, cooling off at 22C now, more comfortable at last.
Looking forward to see what you have in store this week,
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

More great happy animal pics. You are braver than I ,DH would have been handed and told to get the photo himself! Hugs...

Redlady said...

More lovely photos of your babies,
Here in Australia we are still in winter so nice during the day but cold mornings and night. I'm in jeans and jumpers and huggling under my heated rug. Everyone says I should be used to the cold coming from England, but I'm not. I've been colder since living out here than I ever was in England.It's mostly one temperature in England (cold) whereas here it's freezing one minuit and roasting the next.
Looking forward to next weeks photos.