Saturday, August 24, 2013

Animal Crackers - Did you know it is Saturday?

Howdy -

Ok, I am not sure where all the days this week went but was it just me and the week was over before it got going! I was working like a crazy woman yesterday, just ask Hubby, getting so much done for the Doll show today. And I got everything done and sat down to enjoy some facebook, blogs and emails. When Hubby looked over at me and said "When did you take you photos for Animal Crackers today?" Being that I was so calm and relaxing he assumed that I had done it all. My response... "Uh... what do you mean?" He looked at me and grinned... then it hit me. OH NO!!! I forgot to take photos!!!! Never even thought for a second about it being Friday, the day before Saturday!!! LOL  So today's photos are from my files from last weeks photos... sorry about that but there were a few cute ones that should be shown. And then I found two on my phone from recently that I had not shown... so I do have a little to show you... Whew....

I took this one with my phone last Sunday. I have been trying for month to get a photo of the this guy to show you -

No we do not have Cows. But the neighbor up our road does. We pass by them coming down our long dirt road. We saw this cutie the day after he was born and I just fell in love with him. I named him of course. Then a few days later saw our neighbor on the fence and made sure to tell him I named him. First he rolled his eyes at me. As to most ranchers you do not name "livestock"... He doesn't know me very well yet... LOL I said well I name everyone on our property. That way they have a name and can never been eaten. Yes, he rolled his eyes again at Craig. LOL ... Then I explained that the new little one that had been born a few days before, he said yes he is a bull. Will be going to Auction as soon as he is big enough. I said well he has a name now. "ZORO"  He laughed and started humming the Zoro theme song. He liked it. And then he said Great if I tell my brother and the rest of the family they are going to want to keep him now that he has a cool name... Yea... maybe I saved Zoro! Don't know if he would really save him, as he is a real rancher and most everything at some point goes to auction... but maybe.  He is a really handsome dude isn't he?

Second photo is also from my phone -

Now this was zoomed to the max on my photo as this it a very tall tree on our property, and I really didn't want to walk much closer... Hubby hates this tree, but honestly there are so many things to do around here getting up into a huge tree to cut out this dead area is not high on my "Honey do list" Can't afford any broken bones. But now... well if these two show up again we may have to do something with it sooner than we thought. I don't want them looking over anyone in my "family" They are just creepy looking up there!!

Something beautiful now -

Miss Patti standing out in the "weeds" - I am so thrilled to see her looking so fabulous. We came so close to loosing her a year ago - For those that didn't read back then or you don't remember the daily life of each of my children. Patti was very ill and spent two weeks at the vet then three weeks here on strong meds and special food. It ended up that she had been bit by a Coral Snake. First one in 10 years we have seen on the property... and hopefully the last. She survived, filled back out, and now I VERY excited to share the news..... SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!  We put her and Ellie Mae in with Black Jack a few months back, main goal to get Ellie pregnant. Still don't look like that happened. Poor girl may never have a baby of her own. Anyway,  her at Patti are really close friends, I didn't want to take them away from each other. So Hubby agreed that we could let her in the pasture with Black Jack too. Whoo Hoo... a baby in the future!!! We may have a few more accidentals as we had a escapee a while back for a day or so... but this is a for sure... Patti will have a baby. I still need to do the counting to get an estimated date, but she is already really getting that baby belly!!

Got a great shot of Scaredy Cat -

The outdoor kitties in the kitty condo. Ok, I'll try and splain this quick here.. Hubby brought home the stray cats from our business we sold last summer... they would not make it here just to let them go as they were protected at the business and really didn't now anything about coyotes and other predators. So Hubby built a Kitty Condo with a large outdoor area for them. Two of them are very friendly and then there are three that we hardly ever see. They are Momma Cat and her two "kittens" that are now full grown. They are Fraidy Cat and Scaredy Cat. All of the cats were strays that they took in and fed and gave a safe place to live. Now they have really great sheltered lives and seem very happy in their private estate. Now a year later.... Momma Fraidy and Scaredy actually will let us get up to the pen, and sometimes even talk to them a few minutes before they run for cover. Who knows another year from now we might get to pet them!! LOL anyway I am 90% sure this is Scaredy Cat... all three look a lot alike, Momma has more spots than stripes... and Fraidy's eyes are a little darker. But who knows...  If you are wondering why her ear is clipped. The city has a program for the stray cats. You trap them, get them to them and they will give them shots and fix them for a small fee. After lots of can food and trapping all the cats in the area of our business had been done thanks to my BIL and SIL. Great program.

One more photo -

Alice and Guinea Girl -

You can see that the Guinea's have gotten pretty big. They are full grown and very happy in the goat pen. This one I call Guinea Girl... she I think .. LOL they look so much alike. She I think is the "Momma" guinea. The one that keeps checking on the eggs and sitting on them. Poor thing... we haven't had the heart to tell her they will never do anything. We have now started taking them away a few at a time.  I am trying to convince hubby that we need to find a "boy" for them. Doesn't take much convincing.. he would love to have a whole bunch of them. They do have a good purpose too... we have noticed that they are really taking care of the bugs, so they are good to have around. Heck they are good to have around just for the giggles, they crack me up.

Well guess better get the day going and the Doll Show!  I will try and shoot some photos to share with you - Have a great Saturday! Sorry there aren't too many photos this week, but I made up with lots of rambling stories right? HA !

HUGS and -


Ellie Maggie said...

I totally agree with you about time passing by so fast, where does it go?! Those birds in the tree remind me of the vultures in Jungle Book, cut that tree down asap! Patti looks gorgeous and I wondered if she was pregnant when I saw the photo, I'm so pleased for you that she is. Wow those Guineas are enormous now and Guinea Girl is putting the world to rights by the look of her open beak! I enjoyed your ramblings and good luck at the doll show. I'm crocheting and gardening as it's a Bank Holiday weekend in UK.
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

OMG Zoro is darling! (Can bull calves be darling?) Patti looks the picture od health! Can't believe how ill she was a year ago. All that TLC worked wonders. :) Are those vultures or crows? I always like to leave dead trees/snags as they are great habitat for wildlife. All those kitties don't know how good they have it! Sure hope they warm up to you eventually. And Guinea Girl looks HUGE. (I doesn't sound like it will take a lot of coxing to gel DH to find her a boy friend.)
big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Great news about Pattie & Zorro is so handsome! The photo of the vultures in the tree would make a great Halloween image...
Terrific photos as always, hope you're having a successful day at the doll show. Have a great weekend.