Friday, August 30, 2013

Whimsy Stamps - Birthday Cow Too cute!

Howdy -

So lets see the past few days have been just an unbelievable blur and stressful. Took a day off and went to a town about 3 hours away to go antiquing... other than a basket to display in... zippo.. nada... depressing. Work Work and more Work....  Then yesterday we were shopping at Sam's Club. Yea one of those Discount huge quantity enormous shopping cart warehouses. Had a FULL cart when Hubby's phone rang just as we were about to start heading to check out. Lady down the road from us.... "uh you have donkeys right??" yes.... "Well there are 4 little donkeys on the road at the curve" You can only imagine how fast we ran out of the store, and were driving home. About a 20-30 minute drive. One of my biggest fears... my babies loose on the road, on the curve. Won't even discuss what could happen. We were both panicked and thankfully the traffic wasn't too bad and we didn't pass any of those nice people with flashing lights on their cars.

As we got to the curve, the lady was at the end of her drive. "They went down the road and down that street over there." U-Turn in the road... and turning on the road my pounding heart coming through my chest slowed down and I calmed down. Whew... they are not our donkeys. Hubby and I looked at each other and then both looked up and said thank you - Then we pulled over to see if they would let us near them. They are not ours but we sure don't want them hurt. We need to find out who they belong to. They were young adults and looked like they may have been a mix of a miniature and standard. And they were not like our babies... they trotted away from us... couldn't get anywhere near them. Calls were made from the neighbors to report them. We couldn't help them, so I needed to get home and hug my donkeys ASAP...

Then we remembered the cart at Sam's ... guess we will be going back this weekend, apologizing and starting the shopping all over.

To calm down and find my happy place I colored a happy card... Really does calm me.

This is one of the new August Release images from Whimsy Stamps - and Crissy's Digitals. "Birthday Cow"

Bright Happy colors and lots of coloring... yep that is what I needed and this one sure worked! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I layered up papers from the Farm House Kountry Kitchen collection. I even took the time to totally dig and unpile my desk to find my sewing machine and do some sewing. I then printed one of the Whimsy Stamps Digital Happy Things Pennants - Love these!!! Adds too much fun on a card. I colored the pennants with the same colors of Copics, cut it out and then attached it over the image and corner of the card. I punched out a few tiny Marvy flowers, Martha's frond leaves and branches and stuck them down on the bottom left corner. I then pulled out Viva Decor Pearl Pens in yellow, blue and gold and added some flower centers, and confetti on the cupcakes. Oh and then added more yellow Pearl Pen to birthday cow's hat.

Here is a photo from an angle so you can see the Pearl Pen -

Inside is more of the same papers -

And my Copic colors used.

I think we are going to be calm and try and not rock any boats today... hug lots of kids... and maybe thing about doubling up the fencing... LOL

I'll be back tomorrow for Animal Crackers -
Have a great Friday -
HUGS and-


Pop's Cards said...

Ohhhh sweetie this is just gorgeous!! hugs Pops x x x

Carol Dee said...

So Glad it was not any of your furry kids out on the road. I think the coloring and crafting is a great way to distress! Love the Happy Cow card. Too cute. See you tomorrow. :) Hugs...

okienurse said...

Beautiful card and coloring. Don't you just love the Farm House Country Kitchen. I just heard they also had metal charms to go with the set but literally sold out overnight...Rats! Sorry to hear you were stressed like that and it turned out it wasn't even your babies! Fur babies can age us just as hard as the genetic offspring can! Glad they weren't yours! Vickie

Niki said...

so glad your babies were not on the road. I understand why you were frantic. Hope they find their way home, someone must be missing them.

Great card, love the coloring on the cow and the cupcakes!