Saturday, April 6, 2019

Animal Crackers - Enjoy the little things

Howdy -

 OHHH those dirt baths feel sooo good! Life is about enjoying the little things. Darlene was really enjoying that warm sun and rolling around and scratching around in the dirt.

 You have to excuse all the weeds. Part of Springtime.. grass grows so fast, and weeds.even faster.  At least when you have rain. LOL That is what we always worry about is enough rain. But at this moment.. all the fur babies are loving the green and those great dirt baths!

Chloe stopped by to flash her beautiful blue eyes at me. Was it that or looking for a treat? Oh it was just me I am sure... ha!

Lacey came over to me for the head scratches. Oh she is a hog for treats but she also is all about attention. You know I thank God all the time for us getting this girl years back. For those that haven't gotten the story in the past...

Lacey was a bonus baby we bought. We were looking for some young girls to buy way back, and found out about Victoria...

Who we adore as well. Victoria has a pedigree that is top of the charts. Her Daddy and her Grandfather were both champion blue ribbon donkeys, her coloring is beautiful white with dark brown and black spots. Her eyes are a green coloring so we were very excited about purchasing her... But you see Victoria had a BFF that was born the same day and they had not be apart ever. When we harnessed up Victoria to lead her out of the pen, well both her and Lacey were not happy. And as most young girls do when upset they threw a temper tantrum. The breeder asked if we would consider buying Lacey at a "good price" so we could keep the two together. Well I love a good sale.. and I LOVE Lacey. So it was a true blessing! And the girls have never been apart in all these years. We even breed them at the same time so they don't ever have to be apart. That is really great BFFs for sure!

And since I know you were missing your shot of Penelope ... I decided a good face shot was needed to make you smile!

Gorgeous huh? And common.. I know you smiled right?

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Soaring Eagle said...

Penelope can come live with me. She is absolutely adorable.

Carol Dee said...

Awww Penelope, that smile could make even the biggest grump Smile. How adorable. Lacey and Victoria are so lucky to have FOUND you. ;) BFF is the best!

Ginger Shaw said...

What a wonderful story about Victoria and Lacey. It’s so good to have friends isn’t it?
Love your stories every week. I’ve been following your adventures for such a long time and I look forward to Sunday’s here in Kangaroo Land when I get to see your babies.