Saturday, April 27, 2019

Animal Crackers - Goat Wrangling

Howdy -

Well this week we finally got our Goat Wrangling done. Between Work, Shows and weather everything was coming up, but now we have places set. So last week Frank went to live with all the ladies, he is very happy and settled in well. So in his pen went our future "daddy" Waylon and our oops "daddy" Domino.

They will still be pen mates for now while we are not sure when or who we will be breeding Waylon with at this time.

All though Domino says he did give us a great baby in Penelope... so he is good to go if we are ready for more babies from him too... LOL love this guy!

So that freed up the boys pen to move Abigail and Penelope into, a bit bigger and more running and bouncing room for our gorgeous younger kid.  I finally got a photo showing off more of her colors... Such a pretty little girl... And yes.. he is loving the running room and taking full advantage of it!

Sooooo that freed up the small Momma/Baby pen to move Thelma into...

We left Alice and Mary in with Alvin for now so Thelma has some private time. She is the only one really showing and her milk bag has gotten really large. By my dates we are sometime within the next couple of weeks give or take... Hopefully Alice and Mary are not far behind and will have their time in the Momma pen soon.

Thelma wasn't to happy about moving. She never is and she is always vocal in her resistance. Then yells about it for days every time she sees us. We are SO looking forward to happy healthy and GORGEOUS babies from her and Alvin!

Speaking of babies... Things have gotten quiet in Black Jacks pen for now. Very calm so we are hoping that means babies are in the works...

Peaceful right? Spring lots of green and all are happy. Caught Bella and Black Jack together grazing under the trees. So peaceful!

As I came inside from visiting all my fur kids. I found Gato enjoying the front of the refrigerator. She loves this spot. I thought it was cute her on my old rag rug, with "Chica's Flea"... yep when we are outside with the dogs in the yard. Gato gets a bit lonely, even if just a few minutes. She always finds Chica's toy Flea and drags it around the house til someone is back inside. If we leave even just one of the dogs inside she is fine... but the moment everyone is just feet out the door... she needs someone to comfort her I suppose.  Silly kitty...

Hubby's big job this week has been his veggie garden. He started off last week with a few Tomatoes and Peppers in pots. And yes.. he always sticks in some flowers of some sort, just cuz he can.

This this week he has been working on the big in ground vegetable garden - not much to see yet. And well it was muddy out there and I did't want to get my shoes all nasty.. so I didn't go out there for a photo. Soon we should have More Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Zucchini, Watermelon, and a couple others I can't think of now...

Pulling out some of my favorite recipes and getting ready!

Hope you have a blessed weekend - hug a furry friend!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Thelma is stunning, I do love her coloring. I can't wait to see the new bouncing baby goats. :)